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My whole professional life, I have been involved in the food industry more or less directly. I started my career in my early 20s, working as a marketing manager for a candy manufacturer. After several years in that position, I moved on to dive deeper into marketing.

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Next, I worked as an account manager in an advertising agency. Somehow, I gravitated toward various food brands that were our clients at the time. I managed to grow their brands and increase their revenues. At some point, I took a huge risk and bought the ad agency from their previous owners with a loan backed by my own home.

While our agency worked with many well-known brands, there we had several big clients in the food industry. I was excited to work with those brands and learn all about how food is made and how the industry works, from the ingredients to the machines that make it all happen.

In food marketing, we also served a fast-food chain where I learned about the importance of consistency of the process and ingredients of the final product. Packaged foods was another important learning experience. How do you preserve the freshness of the delicious food item when you freeze or dry it? Is it possible to get restaurant-quality results in grocery store volumes and at low prices?

At the same time, I have always loved eating well. Eating well doesn’t mean that you have to eat at the most expensive restaurants. You can make something at home that beats almost any dish at a high-end restaurant.

Finally, I sold my ad agency and started to look for new challenges.

My career took me into the hospitality industry with hotels, followed by restaurant consulting and training. In 2007, I started my own kitchen consulting firm. Since then, I have been working on developing new concepts and helping people implement their vision.

Finally, putting it all together I became a partner in a business that puts restaurant-quality foods on grocery store shelves, and we have customers that are raving fans.

But I still love cooking at home. As my partner says, “We don’t have to go to restaurants because the food at home beats most of them.” He even joked that to save money, we should eat at home and then go to McDonald’s for a restaurant feel.

Throughout my 30+ years in the food industry, I’ve amassed a wealth of experience that sets me apart in the field. From my early days as a marketing manager for a candy manufacturer to owning my own ad agency, I’ve been deeply immersed in the world of food marketing and brand growth. Working closely with renowned food brands and managing successful campaigns, I’ve gained invaluable insights into the entire process, from ingredients to packaging. My passion for cooking at home has further honed my expertise, allowing me to create dishes that rival those served in upscale restaurants. This extensive experience positions me as a trusted resource for all your kitchen design needs.

As a professional kitchen designer and interior design technologist with more than 25 years of experience, I decided to start Ariel’s Home website where my colleagues and I educate and mentor people passionate about home and kitchen design.

I hope you will find something of value in our articles.

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