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How to create an efficient kitchen HVAC design? [2023]

We all know that a healthy and safe environment in our kitchen is vital for us to stay healthy. Keeping the air in the kitchen clean is important too. When you design an efficient kitchen HVAC system, you can do both. There are many factors that you must consider when you are designing an efficient HVAC system for your kitchen. I am going to explain how…

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Are kitchen islands out of style? [2023]

Are kitchen islands out of style? Interior designers say that the most frequently asked question by their recent clients is whether kitchen islands are going out of style. It seems that people are concerned about whether their favorite functional space is no longer in style. So we talked to some well-known kitchen designers to gather some facts. Most designers shared the opinion that kitchen islands have…

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Floor plan G-shaped kitchen layout [2023]

Looking for a Floor plan g-shaped kitchen layout? And are you planning a complete kitchen remodel or want to change the existing layout? If so, have you considered a G-shaped kitchen? If not, give it a thought because G-shaped kitchens are revered for their style and functionality. Also known as a peninsula kitchen layout, G-shaped kitchens resemble U-shaped kitchen layouts, but it has an extended countertop.…

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Wood vs painted kitchen cabinets [2023]

Are you constructing your dream kitchen but confused about the cabinet texture and look? Painting or staining your kitchen cabinets can be a hard decision to make as both of the options have their benefits. From the traditional and sultry stained looks to the new and modern painted ones, your kitchen cabinets will showcase your personal style. Therefore, it's imperative to make the right decision when…

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Printable kitchen remodel checklist PDF download [2023]

A printable kitchen remodel checklist will save you time and money. Most people have a kitchen remodel project every 10 to 15 years. The experience, materials, budget spreadsheet, and new appliances are now completely different. But even if you are a professional kitchen designer, it's a great idea to use a kitchen remodeling checklist. Why? There are a ton of small things that you have to…

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Future of Design: 11 stunning AI Kitchen design examples [Prompts]

As a designer, I have always been fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the world of design. So, I took the opportunity to showcase a selection of AI Kitchen design examples created using two AI technologies. Check out the Midjourney prompts in the comments and share yours if you have something cool! I will share with you a range of kitchen designs that…

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10 Ideas for a kitchen remodel on a budget [2023]

You want to save money on your kitchen remodel. I’ll walk you through 10 hacks you can use to save money. For example, do the demo yourself, save on work and sell everything you don’t need. Number 8 is super simple, but we often don’t use it. If you're planning to remodel your kitchen and want to save money, here are 10 hacks to consider: Refresh…

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Fireclay kitchen sinks pros cons [2023]

Fireclay kitchen sinks pros cons. Are you looking to start a kitchen remodeling project before the start of the new year? Home renovations are one of the most interesting, fun-loving projects anyone would be looking forward to during this time. We've put together this article to help you upgrade your kitchen with a fireclay kitchen sink. The key points of fireclay sink pros and cons you…

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Kitchen cabinets full overlay vs partial overlay [2023]

Kitchen cabinets full overlay vs partial overlay, let's find out what's best for you! The kitchen is the heartbeat of a homestead, and it is essential to keep it updated as often as possible. Cabinets take up the most space in a kitchen. Therefore it would be best... Here are the key points about kitchen cabinets with full overlay vs. partial overlay: Cabinet style choices can…

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Eggshell vs satin for kitchen [2022]

A paint finish can make the difference between a beautiful, durable surface and one that will be chipping and peeling in no time. Let's take a look at eggshell vs satin for kitchen but it’s important to know what type to use for your kitchen project. Here are the key points to consider when choosing the right paint finish for your kitchen: The importance of paint…

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