How to prepare for kitchen remodel? [2023]

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So finally, you have hired a contractor to start working on your kitchen renovation project. And it seems you are very excited about your new kitchen. But wait! Have you answered the question “How to prepare for kitchen remodel?” did you make all the preparations to live through this renovation?

how to prepare for kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodeling comes with a lot of challenges. Because during this time, your kitchen will be out of commission. From planning and packing up the entire kitchen to meal preps, it appears a daunting task. However, with the tips I will share here, you can survive a few weeks of construction without worrying about how to provide food for your family.

Here are the key points you need to consider to get through your kitchen remodel project:

  1. Prepare for Demolition: Clear the kitchen of all furniture, appliances, and decorations. Remove pictures, paintings, and other wall hangings. Store all dishware and fragile items with bubble wrap or newspaper to prevent breakage.
  2. Get Rid of Clutter: Clean out kitchen cabinets and countertops. Discard broken utensils, wires, and other unnecessary items.
  3. Find a Place to Store Kitchen Stuff: Find a safe place to store all kitchen essentials, including appliances and cutlery. Use cartons and storage bags to keep items out of sight.
  4. Empty Dishware from Cabinets: Carefully pack all dishware, making sure to use bubble wrap or newspaper between fragile items. Avoid placing multiple utensils in a single carton to prevent breakage.
  5. Clear Everything Off Floors and Countertops: Remove all appliances and utensils from the countertops and floors. This will allow for ease of movement during the demolition process.
  6. Cover Furniture: Cover all furniture in the kitchen with plastic sheets to protect it during the renovation.
  7. Get Boxes for Storing Your Belongings: Obtain enough boxes to store all your kitchen belongings, including appliances and cutlery.
  8. Meal preparation is disrupted during the kitchen remodel. It’s important to plan ahead and have alternative options such as eating out, ordering takeout, or using a slow cooker to make simple meals.
  9. Proper food storage is also crucial during a kitchen remodel. Consider storing perishable items in a cooler or portable refrigerator if the kitchen is not accessible, and keeping non-perishable items in a designated area away from construction debri.


Checklist for Items to Pack and Store

Item Description Action
Furniture Chairs, tables, etc. Move to another room or cover
Appliances Oven, fridge, microwave Unplug and move or cover
Dishware Plates, bowls, utensils Pack in boxes with bubble wrap
Decorations Wall hangings, paintings Remove and store safely
Countertop Items Toaster, blender, etc. Store in boxes

Steps to Prepare for Kitchen Remodel

Step Description Estimated Time
Prepare for Demolition Clear kitchen of furniture and appliances 1-2 days
Get Rid of Clutter Clean out cabinets and discard unnecessary items 1 day
Find Storage Space Find a place to store kitchen essentials 1 day
Meal Preparation Plan meals and alternative cooking options 1-2 days
Design and Planning Finalize design choices and create a timeline 1 week

Take Your Time with the Design and Planning

Kitchen renovation consists of multiple things, starting from the design and style you want to embrace. The type of light fixtures, flooring, tile backsplash, cabinets, appliances, and everything must be preplanned to save you time.

Because of the constantly evolving styles, finding something that resonates with your house and fulfills your family’s needs is more important.

Even if you think it’s time-consuming, for a functional, elegant kitchen, it is worth it.

Now, designing is even easier with AI kitchen design help.

Make All of Your Design Choices Upfront

The kitchen is the room where you don’t only cook and eat food, but also celebrate family get-togethers and entertain guests. Therefore, I feel that it should match the vibes.

how to prepare for kitchen remodel entertain

There is diversity in styles, including traditional, contemporary, and modern kitchens; therefore you need to narrow down your options.

For instance, a small kitchen remodel costs $9,000 to $14,000, considering the average square footage area is 90. And if luxury remodeling is required, it can go up to $65,000 or more. Nonetheless, one of the best tips is to get a second opinion.

You should make a list of cabinetry styles, walls, flooring, and other finishes you want to add. This will help you while shopping for the essentials.

Create a Budget and Desired Timeline for the Kitchen Remodel

You must factor in the amount of time you can dedicate to your kitchen renovation. Because along with other factors, the length of a remodeling project greatly influences your budget.

Depending upon the extent of the renovation, it can even go beyond a few weeks. The longer it takes, the more you have to spend on material purchases and labor.

The budget for moderate kitchen renovations can be $30,000. If minor changes are required, you can save money by DIY-ing the project.

Who Do I Need to Hire for a Kitchen Remodel?

Hiring the wrong person can lead to damages beyond repair. Therefore, take time to find a professional with sufficient knowledge and expertise so you won’t make mistakes.

A general contractor and a kitchen remodeling specialist can work on kitchen renovations. However, a general contractor is preferred because of their experience in a variety of projects.

Make sure they are a licensed contractor regardless of whom you want to work with. A state license is mandatory for contractors offering their services.

Get Professional Design Help

A professional is so called for excellence in a particular niche. And a simple kitchen renovation is going to transform your entire house. Therefore, it’s thoughtful to ask for a professional’s help.

how to prepare for kitchen remodel professional

A professional designer helps bring life to your dream kitchen. That’s why 55% of people opt for a designer for kitchen remodel.

Besides providing you with design suggestions, he also assists you in the entire process of layout planning, plumbing, and electrical work.

How to Store Kitchen Stuff During a Remodel

Having a full kitchen in commission is a privilege we don’t appreciate unless it’s no longer in use. Because of a lack of space, you can’t keep everything out. You will need cartons and storage bags to place several items out of sight.

Get Rid of Clutter

Last year, when we were rearranging, I made sure to clear all the clutter off my kitchen cabinets. You can also use this opportunity to get rid of broken utensils, wires, and other unnecessary stuff.

This will also save you from packing several items that have been rendered useless for years. Remember to have some garbage bags to get the job done.

Empty Dishware from Cabinets

You must be careful while emptying your dishware because fragile items are also present. The ideal way to pack such things is by placing bubble wrap or newspaper between them. Also, don’t place several utensils in a single carton in order to avoid breakage or scratches during transportation.

how to prepare for kitchen remodel wrap

Clear Everything Off Floors and Countertops

The kitchen is the busiest room in the entire house. And the space, especially on the countertop, sometimes looks like a mess with all the stuff on it.

Therefore, you must remove your appliances and utensils from the countertops and tidy up the area. Similarly, clear the floor for ease in mobility to do the rest of the packing. Moving the fridge out of the kitchen is a priority.

Remove Pictures and Decorations From the Walls

Covering the furniture with plastic sheets is a common practice in renovation projects. In addition, you should also remove pictures, paintings, and decorations from your dining room and kitchen to ensure their safety.

Get Boxes for Storing Your Belongings

Other than daily essentials like microwave, oven, cutlery, etc., put everything inside the storage boxes. Keeping things minimal is a key to surviving through a kitchen renovation.

Prepare to Live Out of The Box

Though you had a timeline, it’s normal for renovation projects to take a little longer. Or maybe you want to add something like a kitchen island during the middle of a project that will need more time.

Therefore, you must adapt to this temporary setup and learn to live out of the box. For this, you will need enough food supplies and disposable utensils in stock.

Minimizing Dust and Dirt

I hope you have an idea of the flying dust that arises during such a construction process. Unfortunately, you must put up with this mess until it’s done. Keeping track of everything is the key.

Adopting frequent cleaning practices, covering your essentials, and isolating the work area from the rest of the house is all you can do.

Create Storage for Construction Materials

If construction is also going on parallel to renovation, you will need extra storage space to accommodate supplies. For this, you can consider your garage or patio to create additional room for storage.

How Do I Survive a Kitchen Renovation?

Kitchen renovation doesn’t seem like a big project unless you dive in. And if it involves any construction, it’s expected to take six weeks or more. You surely can’t survive without having any space available to prepare meals.

Here, a makeshift kitchen with disposable utensils and a kitchen sink to do the dishes come to the rescue. Besides, if you can move the stove, refrigerator, and microwave, it will ease your job.

Keep Your Appliances in Place Longer

While planning a kitchen renovation, you must pack up everything, especially the new appliances. Everything must be secured to protect from lingering construction dust in the air, whether it’s your everyday coffee maker, toaster oven, or must-have refrigerator.

how to prepare for kitchen remodel planning

Set up a Temporary Kitchen Before the Work Begins

Setting up a temporary kitchen is a prerequisite for a renovation project. Though you can’t escape the inconvenience, having a spare room in your house does wonders.

While a stack of dishes piling up can stress you, setting up a temporary kitchen near a bathroom sink is ideal. It will reduce your trips carrying the dirty dishes to the sink.

Dining Room as a Temporary Kitchen

You can use any room for this purpose as long as it is far enough from the renovation site and is spacious. Usually, homeowners prefer a dining room or living room so other family members won’t have to give up their room for a makeshift kitchen.

What Meals to Eat During Your Remodel?

Even though takeout is easier, many people crave home-cooked meals. Second, the food outside isn’t very hygienic.

Follow these tips for planning your meals and preparing for a kitchen renovation:

Make sure to have your stove and small appliances around so you can have warm food on your table. The best is to stock up on dried food items.

You can also prepare food using frozen items. If you don’t have access to your fridge, consider buying or borrowing a chest freezer.

Use Disposable Dishware During your Remodel

It’s likely to stress the safety of your kitchen utensils when taking them out of the cabinets. And washing them without a proper kitchen sink is another difficult task.

Therefore, you should buy disposable plates to prepare for a kitchen remodel. This way, you can pack your utensils safely and lessen your work of doing dishes.

Easy Meals

Wondering if you can prepare good food without a stove? Yes, you can. Instead of munching on snacks every time, there are several food recipes your family can enjoy during the period.

Slow cookers, hot plates, grills, and skillets can be your survival partners. You should make a list of canned foods, sauces, spices, pasta, pet food, and meat you will need. And stock up on them in your pantry.

Eating Tools

After planning meals, you have to think of the eating tools and utensils you will need. Paper plates are essential but not the only thing. It would be best if you also had plastic cups, scissors, cutting boards, spatulas, knives, can openers, and trash bags in your temporary kitchen.

That’s A Wrap!

To successfully get through a kitchen remodel, you need to stock up on essential food items, invest in some storage units, and set up a temporary kitchen for the duration.

I hope that the tips I’ve mentioned above will help you prepare for a kitchen remodel.



Is remodeling a kitchen a good investment?

It certainly is.

Remodeling not only enhances the outlook of your kitchen, but also boosts your home’s resale value. Moreover, after a certain time, water and gas supplies need upgrading to prevent huge losses or dangerous accidents.

What adds the most value to a kitchen remodel?

The floor, countertop, and kitchen cabinets are the most dominating features in a kitchen remodel. Therefore, you must pay attention while selecting each of them. However, spacious storage units add the most value to any kitchen remodeling.

Where do I start when I want a new kitchen?

Research and budgeting must be your top priorities in kitchen renovations. Next comes the design and layout you want. And then, you finalize the project timeline and proceed with ordering.

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