Under $5000 kitchen remodel [2023]

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Can you do under $5000 kitchen remodel? Nowadays the cost of living is becoming higher and higher and people who love doing new things should work smarter and use their imagination to be creative and do things at a lower cost. It doesn’t mean that if we want something beautiful we have to spend a lot of money. No, that is not true.

under 5000 kitchen remodel

The key insights for your kitchen remodel journey

  1. Cabinets are the most expensive part, making up the bulk of your kitchen and providing essential storage.
  2. IKEA kitchens cost $6,500-$19,000, offering an affordable option for cabinets and overall design.
  3. 8×10 kitchens cost $12,000-$20,000, often featuring a simple galley-style layout.
  4. 10×10 kitchens allow price comparisons, helping you evaluate different cabinet options for your budget.
  5. Average kitchen remodel is around $25,000, with costs varying based on selections and preferences.
  6. Modular kitchens start at Rs 50,000, providing a contemporary and customizable solution for modern spaces.
  7. Save money with DIY and alternative materials, such as upcycling fixtures or refinishing cabinets.

I will show you how to remodel your kitchen in detail for less than $5.000. It is amazing how we can make a great budget kitchen renovation without having to do too much. It doesn’t mean that if you want to remodel your kitchen, you have to change and replace everything you have there. We will begin by considering some of the main cost elements in a typical kitchen remodel.

What quarantine learnt us, is to appreciate the smallest details in life and enjoy at its fullest everything we have. During quarantine, we became more responsible about everything and started to do almost everything by ourselves, what is called the DIY home projects.

The DIY Project consists of remodeling or repairing your home by yourself. There are a lot of people that have done this and it has resulted to be economical and satisfactory as well. Let’s see how you can transform your boring kitchen into a beautiful, breathless, and dreamy one.


Cost Breakdown for a $5000 Kitchen Remodel

Cabinetry and Hardware 29%
Installation 17%
Appliances and Ventilation 14%
Countertops 10%
Flooring 7%
Lighting 5%
Walls and Ceilings 5%
Design Fees 4%
Doors and Windows 4%
Faucets and Plumbing 4%
Other 1%

Budget Kitchen Renovation & Cabinet Alternatives

Kitchen Renovations indeed cost a lot but that’s why we are here, to learn how to reduce these costs and how to do them on an economical budget. The most expensive part of a kitchen is the kitchen cabinets and if we think about replacing them it takes time and money in finding new cabinets and paying them expensively.

5000 kitchen remodel expensive

How much should I budget for new kitchen cabinets?

The answer is between $4000 and $13000. Kitchen cabinets range widely from $100 to $1.200 per linear foot. A typical 10-by-10 foot kitchen would run anywhere from $2000 to $24000, though most fall in the range of $4000 to $13000. So, what to do to transform the kitchen and at the same time be within the budget? We have some choices which are:

You might find cabinets someone else is getting rid of online and if they fit your preferences you can buy them at an economical price. There are many companies online offering replacement doors/ drawer front. Or you can paint the cabinet doors you buy if they are good materials but you don’t like the color.

You can paint the kitchen cabinets you have and make them the color you love. This is what I have done with my kitchen cabinets. They were grey and I painted them white and they look gorgeous now. Paint is the easiest way to give your cabinets a whole new refreshing look. If you decide to paint your kitchen cabinets, please don’t take shortcuts as you’ll regret it for years. If you want a smooth finish I would strongly encourage you to skip the brushes and use a paint sprayer for your job.

There are lots of important details like removing cabinet doors and hardware, before painting. Don’t skimp on the paint because kitchen cabinets get lots of use. Most cabinets have an oil-based finish. Applying common latex paint will result in a great big mess once it starts to peel off. You can use oil-based paint, but durable, scrubbable latex enamel is safer for you and the environment, and it holds up beautifully.

There are 50$ paint sprayers at Walmart that you can use, however, they require frequent refills, and from my experience drip paint often get clogged.   This paint sprayer will be an investment in any DIY project, giving you a flawless finish, and saving you hours of work.

Can you remodel a kitchen for $5000?

Completing a kitchen remodel on the budget requires a mix of splurges and also cost savings. You can remodel a kitchen for as little as $5000 if you are willing to do most of the work yourself. I will give you some cost-effective ideas to help you stay in style and on budget.

  • Go with ready-to-assemble cabinets.
  • Keep existing cabinets if possible.
  • Choose open shelving where possible.
  • Consider alternative countertop materials.
  • Keep appliances where they are.
  • Look at different options for islands.
  • Opt for a cutout rather than removing a wall.
  • Try track lighting instead of recessed lighting.

What costs the most in kitchen remodeling?

When we think about remodeling our kitchen the first thing that comes to our mind is a specific budget we have for kitchen renovations and we try to make calculations about how to spend this money wisely. If you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen and you want to know what costs the most, read it below.

5000 kitchen remodel functional

The most expensive element of a kitchen remodel is often the cabinets with an average cost of more than $15.000, and other kitchen furniture. The second most expensive items are new appliances costing on average around $8.200. You might want to replace the old equipment to get wireless features for remote control. You can budget starting from $5000 and go into tens of thousands. The third one is the countertop which is the next greatest expense, generally costing somewhere between $2,000 and $4,000. Granite countertops are a popular choice. How much to replace kitchen countertops? Kitchen countertop prices per square foot:

  • Laminate countertop cost: $10-$45
  • Solid surface countertop cost: $40-$90
  • Bamboo countertop cost: $45-$100
  • Granite countertop cost: $50-$210
  • Travertine countertop cost: $55-$110
  • Recycled glass countertop cost: $55-$135
  • Limestone countertop cost: $60-$135
  • Quartz countertop cost: $50-$165
  • Butcher block countertop cost: $60-$210
  • Concrete countertop cost: $80-$135
  • Soapstone countertop cost: $65-$195
  • Marble countertop cost: $85-$250
  • Stainless steel countertop cost: $90-$235
  • Lava countertop cost: $270-$350 per

Your kitchen remodeling usually requires significant reworking of the interior of the kitchen to achieve better functional and pleasing kitchen conditions. Renovation of kitchen floors to ceilings allows you to review each aspect of the kitchen and make any necessary changes to provide a fresh look.

Can you redo a kitchen for 5000?

Have you ever been in a condition where you have liked so much an appliance and despite the fact it cost too much you bought it? So, $5,000 may sound like a lot, but it can quickly disappear when you are renovating your kitchen. You could easily blow this budget on a single high-end appliance. But, if you’re like many homeowners, a few thousand dollars may be all you have for a much-needed kitchen overhaul. The national average cost to remodel a kitchen is $22.000. It can vary from farticle.000 to $50.000, depending on the size and scope of your project.

I will show you that the cost of remodeling your kitchen can be about $5,000 if you do it yourself. An affordable kitchen doesn’t have to mean a poor-quality kitchen, and $5,000 is more than enough to revamp your kitchen and make a big impact with a small budget. With careful planning, a few key changes, and thoughtful choices can keep costs down and help your budget stretch further. From keeping the same layout to DIY installation to choosing cost-effective materials. Here are some of the ways you can create your dream kitchen with your ideal budget.

How To Create Your Dream Kitchen On A Budget?

Ways to save money on your kitchen remodel

Strategy Description Approximate Savings
Keep your existing layout Changing the layout can add significant costs to your remodel. Keeping the existing layout can save a lot. Up to 20%
Upgrade decor, furnishings, and hardware Simple upgrades like changing out light fixtures or updating hardware can make a big difference without a big price tag. Up to 10%
Shop around Take the time to compare prices for materials and labor to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Up to 15%
Be strategic about where you splurge Decide what’s most important to you and allocate your budget accordingly. Varies
Avoid a piecemeal renovation Doing everything at once can be more cost-effective than doing a little bit at a time. Up to 10%
Use your existing appliances If your appliances are still in good working order, consider keeping them to save on costs. Up to 15%

DIY install your kitchen

Installation can be one of the most expensive parts of a kitchen renovation, so you can cut down costs by installing your kitchen yourself. This, of course, will depend on the level of your DIY skills, but some tasks you could complete yourself include painting, tiling, installing shelving, and replacing cabinet doors and handles. There are also plenty of online videos, how-to articles, classes, and demonstrations that will help you to complete projects yourself. Or you can hire a professional to fit your kitchen to ensure great work if you are not sure about your DIY skills.

Keep the Layout the Same

One of the best and smart ways to update your kitchen whilst keeping costs down is to retain your kitchen’s original layout. Changing the layout will instantly drive up costs, so keeping the layout the same and simply updating a few elements will be much more cost-effective and will still give your kitchen the fresh look and feel it needs.

5000 kitchen remodel retain

Keep the sink and dishwasher in the same place, as hiring plumbers to change their location and alter your kitchen’s plumbing will increase costs. Likewise, keeping appliances and lighting in the same location, as moving the oven, fridge, microwave, lights, and any other appliances will cost more as you’ll need to hire an electrician to fit new sockets, rewire switches, and install lighting.

Most common kitchen layouts

Changing a layout is expensive, but you sometimes have some room to transform an existing layout into one that better suits your needs. Here are the most common layouts. Draft some ideas based on these basic concepts. Click to open the full-size image

most common kitchen layouts

Refresh Rather Than Replace

You should try using your DIY skills and not replacing everything in the kitchen with new ones because it’s much more cost-effective to work with what you already have by updating and refreshing your existing units instead. New kitchen cabinets for example can be very expensive, especially if you need them to be custom-made to your space.

So, what to do?

Give your cupboard doors a fresh coat of paint. Simply sand down, prime, and paint cupboard doors to invigorate the space. Painting doors white will brighten your space and give it a modern feel, or choose a red, orange, or purple for a pop of color, whilst deep blues, greys, and greens feel bold, cozy, and luxurious.

Choose Cost-Effective Alternatives

A great way to redo a kitchen for under $5,000 is to opt for cost-effective alternatives to designer finishes. For worktops, laminate finishes are more affordable than granite or marble, but can offer the same effect and look indistinguishable from the real thing.

When choosing appliances, consider whether you need a fridge-freezer with smart features when basic appliances will do the job just as well and be much more cost-effective. When choosing a kitchen sink, stainless steel is high-quality and low-cost when compared to ceramic or granite sinks, and provides stain and heat resistance.

Try repurposing old items – for example, an old desk or table could be upcycled and transformed into a kitchen island. When it comes to lighting, LED strip lights are an inexpensive option, and when fitted beneath units can provide all the ambiance and task lighting you need.

How much should a 10×20 kitchen remodel cost?

A 10′ x 20′ kitchen makeover will cost between $20.000 and $50.000. A kitchen of this dimension is 200 square feet (ca. 19 m²).
According to an annual construction cost survey by Remodeling Online, a minor remodel of a 200-square-foot (10×20) kitchen averages $17.037 to $19.366 nationwide; a mid-range major remodel including an island and other upgrades runs $50,860-$59,716, and an upscale remodel for the same size kitchen can be $103,529-$115,549.

Calling all DIYers: Prepare to be inspired by These 25 Kitchen Renovations Under $5K!

There is something we learned during Coronavirus quarantine, with all that time stuck at home it was the perfect opportunity to tackle a few DIY home decor projects. Whether you have a blank wall that’s just begging for an amazing piece of DIY artwork or have an old piece of furniture that needs a DIY makeover, now’s the time to dive in!

There are so many wonderful home decor projects we can do to freshen up our home because there is something to consider in any home. There is a listing of upcoming projects or DIY projects for the home to complete. When you are in the middle of an exciting pregnancy and want to get out of a busy routine, you can start saving up a bit more than you have to. You’ve never needed much money for a big change in a room’s appearance so prepare yourself and be amazed when your new kitchen renovations are less than a thousand dollars!

How much does it cost to remodel a 10×10 kitchen?

A 10 x 10 kitchen is an average size and a standard unit of measurement that designers use while calculating the total amount you will need to invest in the remodel. On average, the kitchen remodels cost ranges from $150-$300 a square foot. You will be aware of the best possible estimate for your case.

Now you are ready to start planning your kitchen. You know about most major steps in the project from demolishing to installing new items. A detailed plan will help you reduce the cost of labor due to waiting for other work to finish.

5000 kitchen remodel detailed

However, if you have a kitchen that is just a bit worn then a new paint may work wonders. A detailed plan will also minimize the time you have to put up with the mess of your home being a construction zone.

What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

An upgraded, well-planned, and thoughtfully designed kitchen is an excellent renovation idea. Remodeling a kitchen can be as simple as installing new cabinets or could involve a complete floor-to-ceiling overhaul. It’s not the high-tech appliances or marble countertops, but the cabinets that cost the most in a kitchen remodel. This is because they make up the bulk of your kitchen and are essential to ensure you have an organized space. Moreover, they are the foundational elements in your kitchen that facilitate storage and make the room more functional.

Are you asking yourself : Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive?

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Kitchen Cabinets

  • Material
  • Paint and Lamination
  • Labor and time involved
  • Customizations

What’s the average cost of an IKEA kitchen?

One of the most expensive parts of a kitchen is cabinets and if we compare which type of kitchen cabinets costs less, Ikea kitchen cabinets cost less. As a result, we concluded that the Ikea kitchen cost less. But how much does it cost? It depends on the cabinets you use, the kitchen size you have, and other appliances you use, but a typical Ikea kitchen costs $6.500 – $19.000.

How much does it cost to remodel an 8×10 kitchen?

The cost of an 8’ x 10’ kitchen averages $12,000 to $20,000. Kitchens with these measurements have 80 sq. ft. This is also considered a small kitchen. Kitchens with this square footage are more likely galley-style. This means one long wall of cabinets or two parallel shorter runs. Layouts are limited for this size. This size is also more likely to receive a partial remodel than a full one because layout choices are so limited.

What is a 10×10 kitchen?

A 10×10 kitchen is a standard kitchen in size, with a total of 20 feet of wall space in the L-shaped kitchen layout. It is a bit on the small side when you live in a house. Consider cutting out the double sink for more workspace. Usually, the kitchen takes up about 10-15% of the house. However, in condos, the 100-square-foot kitchen is a perfect fit.

Kitchen cabinet sellers usually give you the 10×10 kitchen remodel cost estimate so you can compare various options. Overall project labor cost, appliances, and design features differ so much that you have to get a quote for the total price.
Generally speaking, 10×10 pricing has become an accepted technique by makers and dealers of custom cabinets to determine which cabinets are better or cheaper based on your total budget.

  A 10×10 kitchen contains 12 particular-sized cabinets, without substitution.  What this means is that 12 cabinets make up a 10’x10’ kitchen space and the same 12, no matter what.  Some companies try to use a configuration that is not really so that they can only offer 11 cabinets in that same space, thus making their 10’x10’ price less than their competition.

What is the average cost of a new kitchen?

Every project varies in size and style, which is why the pricing may differ. Since kitchen projects are more involved, you may budget around $25.000 for a simple kitchen remodel. However, the cost of your specific project depends on several factors, such as the floorplan of your kitchen and your choice of cabinets, countertops, appliances, lighting, and more. It may be lower or higher than this estimate, depending on your preferences and selections.

How much will my modular kitchen cost?

A modular kitchen is a kitchen that includes small sections or modules which can be attached to build a complete kitchen, is a contemporary concept, and is fast replacing traditional Indian-style kitchens. These kitchens include pre-designed furniture units and are well-suited for modern spaces, giving huge scope for customization.

The kitchen design consists of drawers, countertops, kitchen cabinets design, micro-compartments, and shelves that can be arranged to save a lot of space and create an organized kitchen. Such kitchens are a convenient décor solution for all kinds of homes, especially smaller ones with limited space. Moreover, the setup provides convenience in terms of assembling and transportation. You get flexibility in terms of the modular kitchen themes, price, colors, finishes, designs and patterns.

Depending upon the area, requirements, brand, and quality of materials, the cost of a modular kitchen may start from Rs 50.000 and can go up to Rs 10 lakhs.

Calling all DIYers: Prepare to be inspired by These 25 Kitchen Renovations Under $5K!

There is something to consider in any home. There is a listing of upcoming projects or DIY projects for the home to complete. When you are in the middle of an exciting pregnancy and want to get out of a busy routine, you can start saving up a bit more than you have to. You’ve never needed much money for a big change in a room’s appearance so prepare yourself and be amazed when your new kitchen renovations are less than a thousand dollars!

Can you put an island in a 10×10 kitchen? (and 10×12)

Your kitchen layout will depend on your wants and needs. Consider functionality when designing your kitchen, such as how your family and friends gather and what feels right! There are five essential kitchen layouts, but don’t let them box you in! Get creative!

A kitchen island will fit nicely into an L-shaped open 10×10 kitchen as you have open access from one or two sides of your kitchen. In a recent upscale kitchen remodel I used a small kitchen island in a floor plan that was open on just one side. With upgraded countertops and high-end appliances, it added a lot of functionality. When the kitchen is open to only one side then you can move the kitchen island against one wall and make it a peninsula.

Spacious L-Shape Kitchen Layout. To make for more room in your 10×12 kitchen, consider skipping the table and simply sitting on a movable island. A movable island also makes it much easier to move about the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovations & Adding More Space.

I am a person that loves space and I have it in my kitchen. But, what happens? It never gets enough. Don’t you ever feel like you never have enough storage in the kitchen despite tons of drawers and cabinets? It may come down to how you’re storing things. All the storage space in the world won’t help if the items inside of it are disorganized. What should we do to add some more space to our kitchen?

10 Kitchen Organization Ideas

  • Toss and consolidate
  • Store utensils in a cutlery tray
  • Install hooks to hang mugs
  • Get a cutting board that fits over your sink
  • Decant bulk items
  • Add extra storage space to the side of your fridge
  • Install a pot rack
  • Add dividers for lids, baking sheets, and pans.
  • Use risers to get more storage on each shelf
  • Get a drawer spice rack

What is a realistic budget for kitchen remodeling?

A kitchen is a gathering place for friends and family, a place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love. My favorite place in the house is the kitchen and I love everything in it. And when it comes to remodeling it this is the most beautiful time I have had.

According to Remodeling magazine’s 2021 cost vs. value report, a kitchen remodels costs between $26,214 for minor changes to $149,079 for a major renovation with luxury fixtures. Jason Bernier, the owner of Bernier Building and Remodeling, Inc. in Milford, Connecticut, says that his kitchen remodels start in the $50,000 range.

“If you want to know what a realistic budget is for your area,” says Bernier, “talk to friends and family. Ask people who have been through the experience about what they had done and how much it cost them.” But, which are the factors that impact the cost of a kitchen remodel?

Factors that Impact the Cost of a Kitchen Remodel

  • Size
  • Moving things around
  • Cabinetry and Hardware
  • Features and Materials
  • Permits
  • Repairs
  • Change requests
  • Disposals

Ways To Save Money On a Kitchen Remodel.

The interesting part about kitchen budgets is that the less you do, the higher your return on investment. How to save money on a kitchen remodel?

  • Do it yourself
  • Choose alternative materials
  • Upcycle fixtures
  • Refinish the cabinets

How Much Should A 10×20 Kitchen Remodel Cost?

The cost to remodel 10’ x 20’ kitchens is between $30,000 and $90,000. Kitchens with these dimensions have 200 sq. ft. This is considered the upper end of the average. Kitchens in this size range have multiple options for layouts. You can have L-layouts, U-layouts, islands, or peninsulas. They also have space for banquets, walk-in pantries, and other additions. At this size, not only are full-scale renovations possible with the changing of a layout, but you also have the space for some luxury renovations. This can add many extra appliances and amenities to the space.

What is cabinet refacing?

What do we do when remodeling our kitchen? We change the color of our cabinets. So, the process of changing the existing cabinets with the new ones is called cabinet refacing.

This process requires two to four days to complete, depending on the size of our kitchen as well. On the first day, it needs to remove hardware, drawer fronts and doors to begin veneering. On the second day, should continue veneering and clean at the end of the day. On the third day, finish veneering and install drawer fronts, hardware and doors.

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