Kitchen island floor plan layouts [2023]

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Are you preparing for a kitchen remodel? If yes, you must know what kitchen island floor plan layouts are and where you should start your planning.

kitchen island floor plan layouts

Whether you want to create a fully functional kitchen that maximizes storage space or one with a small work triangle to reduce your trips during day-to-day activities, the square footage area of the available space plays a significant role.

Key points of kitchen island floor plan layouts

It’s important to consider the square footage of the space available when planning a kitchen remodel and choosing a layout.

Kitchen islands are popular because they provide extra storage and counter space, as well as a place to gather with guests.

There are different kitchen layout options, including L-shaped, U-shaped, Galley, Single-wall, and G-shaped, each with its own pros and cons.

L-shaped kitchen floor plans with islands are popular because they create a large work triangle and provide additional counter and storage space.

U-shaped kitchen layouts with islands provide ample counter and storage space, but may require more floor space.

Many homeowners choose a particular kitchen design only because it seems attractive. However, this is a major mistake one can make.

I suggest you check out all the possible kitchen layout options suitable for your square footage area. You can also take this guide as a reference to learn about the standard layouts and kitchen islands.

An Island Kitchen Layout Offers Limitless Possibilities

Kitchen islands in modern kitchens provide a combined experience of seating and additional counter space. It’s not a secret why almost every kitchen features a kitchen island these days.

kitchen island floor plan layouts space

Besides serving as extra storage space for your appliances, a kitchen island connects you with your guests in the dining area. Therefore, kitchen islands are coveted by people who desire an open floor plan.

It also provides you with an additional food prep area. And, if it features a built-in sink, it saves you more space on your countertop for a dishwasher and appliances.

A kitchen island surrounded by bar height stools makes a perfect eating area for a small family. However, a kitchen island isn’t a thing for a small kitchen.

Kitchens with adequate floor space can accommodate kitchen islands. Otherwise, they affect the traffic flow.

What Are the Five Types of Kitchen Layouts?

You might be following Pinterest for inspiration for your new kitchen design. I’m also fond of peaking at those aesthetically pleasing designs.

However, you must know the basic layout options, including their pros and cons, so you can choose the best layout that fits your needs and compliments your home’s interior design.

  1. L-shaped kitchen layout
  2. U-shape kitchen layout
  3. Galley shape kitchen layout
  4. Single-wall kitchen layout
  5. G-shape kitchen layout

If you have enough floor space, you can add an island to all of those. However, the G-shaped kitchen already has a peninsula and might not need an island. Let’s walk through the most common layouts to make an informed choice.

kitchen island floor plan layouts

Kitchen Layout Ideal Kitchen Size Storage Space Ease of Movement Suitability for Islands
L-shaped Medium to Large High High Yes
U-shaped Large Very High Medium (Depends on Width) Yes, but depends on width
Galley Small to Medium Medium High No
Single-wall Small Low High Yes, if there’s enough space
G-shaped Medium to Large Very High Medium No, already has a peninsula

L-Shape Kitchen Floor Plan with Island

Creating a large work triangle is possible with L-shaped kitchen floor plans. This type of open floor plan provides you with enough room for movement.

Compared to complicated kitchen floor plans, L-shaped kitchens do not cause problems with compact spaces. Rather it helps you to create enough space to place a kitchen island.

This way, you can expand your counter space for food prep and get additional storage space to place most used appliances.

The L-Shaped Kitchen Layout is Very Popular Due to Its Flexibility and Efficiency

In the L-shaped kitchen, the cabinets and countertops are placed alongside two perpendicular walls, leaving plenty of room for the cook to move around. Adding a kitchen island is another clever solution to increase your counter space.

kitchen island floor plan layouts move

Luckily, L-shaped kitchens look more stylish, and their unequal legs draw attention easily. Keeping one wall of cabinets short, you can place your refrigerator at its end.

The L-shape is a popular kitchen layout option because of its efficiency. You can house your range and oven along one side of the wall, while a sink and dishwasher are on the other.

However, many homeowners fear losing a valuable corner space in this kitchen design. That’s where your creativity comes into play.

Besides providing extra room for mobility, it helps you create an efficient workflow. Because of its flexibility, this L-shaped kitchen makes an exceptionally practical layout for small kitchens.

U-shaped Kitchen Layout with Island

U-shaped kitchens can be good for many reasons, but the prominent one is providing open space to work freely. Since it features three walls of cabinetry and countertops, you can have multiple workstations for multiple cooks.

A large family household mainly considers the U-shaped kitchen layout, or if more than one family shares a kitchen. Similarly, if you love to entertain guests more often, it can also be an optimum layout for you.

The U-shaped kitchen already provides you with enough storage and counter space to cook meals, so adding a kitchen island may be too much. Also, if your kitchen is narrow (area less than 10×10 feet), kitchen islands wouldn’t be adjusted.

But in wider U-shaped kitchens, a kitchen island is a great addition. If you don’t want it to open into the adjacent room, a kitchen island can help keep some privacy.

Galley Kitchens With Islands

Galley kitchens may sound like a thing of the past. However, they have made a strong comeback as a trending kitchen design in households with less space.

Galley kitchen layouts evolved with a surge in small apartments, which necessitated the need for smaller kitchens. People began to utilize narrow spaces such as corridors to transform them into fully functional galley kitchen.

kitchen island floor plan layouts surge

A traditional galley kitchen consists of two rows of cabinets facing each other with a walking passage in the middle. This eliminated the need for a corner cabinetry setup by using every inch of the space.

In the galley kitchen, you have plenty of space for storage. Besides, it reduces your work triangle, making it easier for a busy cook. Your fridge, stove, and sink area all lie in close proximity.

Though a galley kitchen is adaptable to fit in compact spaces, it can feel dark and cramped with cabinets towering above you. Therefore, it’s vital to limit the cabinetry to a single wall.

Single wall Kitchen Floor Plan with Island

I won’t say that a single wall is the best kitchen layout, but it can be in certain circumstances. For instance, consider pushing everything against one wall to open the floor space if your kitchen is smaller.

Furthermore, if you’re living in an apartment or have a small family, you can use the area against the cabinetry to place a dining table. This will also bring life to your plain kitchen design.

Since this layout doesn’t offer much storage, adding an island will do the job.

Typical Island Dimensions

The purpose of installing an island, and the available area, determine its correct dimensions. Since it will occupy a huge chunk of your kitchen space, select wisely.

It can be your choice for an additional countertop, storage of appliances, or additional seating. Listening to your design consultant is mandatory for whatever function you want it to perform.

Though the standard island dimensions are 80 x 40 inches with 36 inches in height, you can adjust it according to the space of your kitchen floor. At a minimum, the dimensions can be 4 x 2 feet with a depth of 2-4 feet. In contrast, an island that’s too small won’t be useful.

Kitchen Size Required for an Island

The rule that applies while choosing the right size island is the clearance space you’ll have when it’s done. Experts recommend this clearance space to be around 36 to 46 inches.

In addition to this, they have also provided you with the recommended kitchen area to consider the island layout. You should never think of islands if your kitchen isn’t wider than 12 feet. At the same time, some kitchens are big enough to accommodate two islands at a time.

Suppose you have less space in your kitchen for incorporating an island. Now, what would you do? The peninsula kitchen layout is the best alternative for small kitchens.

Peninsulas serve you the same way as islands. They are connected to one side of the countertop, cabinetry, or wall. They create a visual division between your kitchen and the adjacent living space.

The peninsula layout works more like a corner island, leaving another corner open as an entry point.

Kitchen Layout Minimum Size (sq ft) Average Size (sq ft) Maximum Size (sq ft) Suitability for Islands
L-shaped 100 150 200 Yes
U-shaped 200 350 500 Depends on size
Galley 50 100 150 No
Single-wall 50 75 100 Yes, if enough space
G-shaped 200 350 500 Peninsula, not island

Storage Space

You must be interested to know which kitchen layouts can offer you the maximum area to store your essentials. That’s why I thought of answering this query.

kitchen island floor plan layouts store

U-shaped and G-shaped kitchen layouts are ideal for spacious kitchens. These layouts provide you with more than enough room to store everything.

These kitchen layouts are widely used because they don’t allow you to waste any corner of your kitchen. And therefore, they are known as friendly layouts for larger families.

G-shaped Kitchen Layout is Best for Open Concept

G-shaped kitchens transform U-shaped kitchen layouts for a maximized workspace. Those who prefer open kitchen floor plans will also love the idea of G-shaped kitchens.

A G-shaped kitchen is created by adding a peninsula in U-shaped kitchen layouts. I’ve already talked about the peninsula shaped layouts above.

A G-shaped layout is often seen in medium-sized kitchens. Along with offering additional storage, it also provides you an opportunity to set up extra seating.

How Do I Lay Out My Kitchen?

Here are some useful tips you may consider when planning your kitchen layout.

  • Keep your workstations close enough to avoid several trips to access anything.
  • Ensure to opt for floor plans with sufficient space to maneuver around.
  • Pay special attention to corners and avoid cluttering them as they aren’t easy to clean.
  • Select your island’s dimensions after considering all factors, or it will ruin your kitchen layout.
  • Evaluate the height of the countertop so that it’s convenient for you to prepare and cook meals.
  • Kitchen cabinetry is the most prominent component; you can’t fill all your kitchen walls with it. Instead, consider installing open shelves that are both functional and appealing.
  • Always choose the layout that allows you to set up the most functional kitchen, utilizing all the areas available instead of wasting valuable space.

How To Make a U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Work?

A U-shaped kitchen is the best layout for people who enjoy open-concept floor plans. However, you must also pay attention to executing this layout effectively.

A U-shaped kitchen layout offers ample storage options, but you shouldn’t install upper cabinets on all three walls. Instead, utilize one or two walls for this purpose, so the room doesn’t feel enclosed.

Never put the oven or sink on the wall next to your refrigerator. It’s better to place your appliances on different walls to minimize any problematic situation.

The only downside of this kitchen design is not having an efficient workflow. Though the movement is convenient, setting up a small work triangle can be challenging.

If your kitchen is too wide and you’ve placed the stove on one side while the refrigerator is along another wall, you may not enjoy working this way. Similarly, a kitchen island may appear more of an obstacle to maneuver around.

How To Make an Island Kitchen Layout Work?

Islands are typically prominent features in large kitchens. Because an island kitchen has several benefits, you can consider creating room for an island in your next kitchen remodel project.

If you’ve decided to do so, you should know the right placement of an island so that you can enjoy the perks of having an island kitchen.

An island usually sits in the center position of the kitchen layout. Because of its location, it gives you easy access to your appliances and cookware while also acting as a social hub.

You can create casual seating to entertain guests during meal preparations by placing bar stools on one side of the island. Consider installing a light fixture at the top of an island, and voila! You’ll have your dream kitchen seating come true.


A common practice that many homeowners use is to look for a kitchen design that is inspirational, and that’s not the right way. The practical approach should consider all the factors that influence the final results.

You must choose a kitchen layout by considering its effectiveness in your kitchen square footage area. And you can achieve your goals by hiring a professional architect and consultant to guide you through the process.

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