U-Shaped kitchen with peninsula floor plan [2023]

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U-Shaped kitchen with peninsula floor plan helps you add storage space and work surfaces. If your kitchen is small and cannot hold a freestanding island, kitchen peninsulas are the go-to alternative. A peninsula provides three sides of the workspace with one end attached to a wall or counter space, often forming an L-shaped layout. Peninsula designs serve as islands and provide more space and storage in smaller-sized kitchens.

u shaped kitchen with peninsula floor plan

When properly designed, peninsula layouts can result in a G-shaped kitchen. You can get a G-shaped kitchen by adding a peninsula to U-shaped kitchens. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, take time to research peninsula layout ideas to get a functional yet aesthetic room.

Here are the key points to consider when designing your U-shaped kitchen with a peninsula:

  1. A peninsula provides three sides of the workspace with one end attached to a wall or counter space, often forming an L-shaped layout, making it an ideal alternative to an island in smaller-sized kitchens.
  2. Incorporating the kitchen work triangle into the layout maximizes the efficiency of the room.
  3. Peninsula designs can serve as islands and provide more space and storage in smaller-sized kitchens.
  4. Use finishes and décor that compliment your U-shaped kitchen layout to avoid an overwhelming feeling.
  5. Pendant lighting fixtures break up the vertical space in your U-shaped kitchen, especially in larger kitchens.
  6. Consider adding a breakfast bar or peninsula instead of a kitchen island since there is little space for a dining area in a U-shaped layout.
  7. A small kitchen renovation costs $6,000 to $25,000, while mid to high-end remodels range from $35,000 and up.

Next, I will show you how to achieve a U-shaped peninsula kitchen and maximize storage in your small kitchen.

Work a Peninsula Arm

A peninsula kitchen layout offers three sides of the workspace with one end attached to the wall or counter space. Peninsulas serve as an alternative to islands for smaller-sized kitchens. They provide extra storage and work space for a kitchen.

Peninsulas can be used in any kitchen, large or small, with open plan designs or more enclosed layouts like galley kitchens. Peninsulas can also be used alongside islands.

U-Shaped Kitchen with Peninsula

The appearance of a U-shaped kitchen layout is similar to that of a galley except that it has one side walled, and it is more spacious with a wider aisle. Since it has three sides, cabinets and counters are arranged along the walls. U-shaped kitchens usually have an open floor plan making it easy to access and work in the center of the kitchen. Compared to galleys, U-shaped kitchens allow unrestricted movement around the kitchen.

You can easily incorporate a peninsula in a U-plan layout by extending one of the ‘U’s’ tails into an open concept. You can add stools to entertain and converse with family or visitors when cooking. A peninsula also acts as a physical barrier between the living room and the kitchen if you have an open-concept layout.

Here are some of the most common U-shaped kitchen floor plans. The concept is flexible. An L-shaped kitchen with a peninsula is also a U when one side is open.

u shaped kitchen with peninsula

Extend Storage Upwards in a Narrow U-Shape

You can add more storage space for smaller U-shaped kitchens by using tall cabinetry on one side of the wall. Cabinetry is the ideal means to keep everything in the kitchen neat while giving your space a feeling of depth, quality, and space.

A U-Shaped Kitchen Layout is Famous for Offering Ample Space for Cabinetry

With U-shaped setups, you have three sides to use for storage and fixing your appliances. Your options are endless since you can either use tall cabinets, upper cabinets, or below-the-counter drawers. You can also have floating storage over the countertops.

Maximize Wall Storage with Taller Cabinets

For maximum use of your wall storage, consider installing floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. However, avoid installing cabinets on every wall to prevent an overwhelming feeling in your U-shaped kitchen setup.

The Kitchen Triangle

Another effective, practical design to consider during your kitchen remodel is the kitchen triangle. Also known as a work triangle, the design connects the three major work areas: the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove. The layout is an effective way to save both your time and energy when you use the kitchen. It offers a clear path and space for the cook to operate.

The general kitchen triangle guideline dictates that the distance between the three areas should be at least 4 feet and not more than 9 feet. The triangle’s three sides should add up to between 13 feet and 26 feet.

Whether installing an island or a peninsula, you must ensure that you do not block this triangle. If the structure interferes with the kitchen’s workflow, it is not a good fit.

Peninsula Kitchen Layouts Offer Optimal Space and Function for a Family Kitchen

Apart from providing more work and storage space in the kitchen, another reason peninsula kitchen layouts are ideal is that they serve as an island where your family can hang around as you prepare meals. Since the peninsula countertop surface area is wide, you can use it as a breakfast bar, dining area, or entertainment area while keeping people out of the cook’s way.

Mid-Size U-Shaped Kitchens

U-shaped kitchen layouts are three-sided designs that maximize your storage while keeping all the valuable tools within reach. If your kitchen is smaller, the u-shape layout offers extra countertop space, drawers, and cabinets above and below to achieve a streamlined look. The U-shaped kitchen layout is flexible and works in any size of kitchen space.

u shaped kitchen with peninsula floor plan reach

Modern U-shape designs include an island bridging the middle of a large U-shaped kitchen and standalone islands in the middle of an open-plan room. If only two sides are open to work against, you can achieve the U-shape design by making the third side a peninsula unit. For a medium-sized kitchen, take your time with the unit you wish to install to ensure you do not interfere with the kitchen work triangle.

Use Pendant Lighting to Create a Focal Point in a U-Shaped Kitchen

When it comes to lighting options for a U-shaped kitchen, the layout most benefits from pendant fixtures. Pendants break up the vertical space, especially in larger kitchens, and add visual interest. Pendants can be used for overall illumination or as a task light. They can be placed above the farmhouse sink, bar, and island.

You must be sure of your needs and style to get the best pendants for your kitchen. It’s also important to know that the larger the area you want to light up, the bigger the pendant you should choose. The same applies to smaller spaces. Pendant lights with a dimmer switch come in handy for controlling the brightness in your kitchen.

Install a Breakfast Bar if Space Allows

Since there is little space for a dining area in a U-shaped layout, you can consider a breakfast bar or peninsula instead of a kitchen island. A U-shaped design may make the kitchen feel pretty confined. Avoid installing wall units on all three sides if possible. You can opt for open shelving to give your kitchen a more open feel.

Large U-Shaped Kitchen

A large U-shaped kitchen can hold both a kitchen island and a peninsula if you want to maximize your space and create more room for storage and entertainment. With a vast countertop surface area, you get more workspace for activities like baking, which require more countertop space. You can also install a farmhouse sink on the countertop.

To prevent a hollow feeling in your spacious kitchen, add depth with dark paint on the far wall.

Be Creative with Storage

Kitchen designs can interfere with your storage due to their complexity. It would help if you had spare shelves, drawers, and cabinets to have enough storage for your bakeware, cookware, and small appliances. Think outside the box when it comes to your space to achieve more storage, especially if your kitchen is small.

u shaped kitchen with peninsula floor plan complexity

You can maximize your storage space by installing hanging pot racks, purchasing spice racks, and investing in a cart. You can also include cabinets on the kitchen island or insert pullout storage. Alternatively, consider installing shelves high up on the kitchen walls or stack counters.

To prevent clutter on the countertops, consider utilizing spaces often left out, such as under the sinks or installing corner cabinets. Additionally, you can store items you don’t frequently use outside the kitchen, like in the basement or storage rooms.

How to Make a U-Shaped Kitchen Layout Work

There are several ways you can make a U-shaped kitchen layout work. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Incorporating the kitchen work triangle into the layout is the best way to get the most out of your U-shaped kitchen. A kitchen is most functional when the three essential areas form a triangle, as it maximizes the efficiency of the room.
  • Since a U-shaped kitchen layout maximizes storage space, consider streamlining storage. You can use open shelving above the counter or glass-front cabinets to avoid a blocky appearance. A floor-to-ceiling cabinet design is another way to get more storage space while achieving a cleaner and more modern design. You can also use corner cabinets for easy access to deep corners and to achieve more storage space.
  • Another helpful tip is the use of finishes and décor that compliments your U-shaped kitchen layout. Avoid overwhelming the space with monotonous woodwork and break up rows of cabinets instead. Using different colors or finishes for below-the-counter cabinets and the ones above creates a contrast that breaks up the monotony of rows of storage. Farmhouse sinks, white cabinets, and black countertops are one way to go. You can also use different textures around the kitchen, like quartz countertops, a carved range hood, or a patterned backsplash, to improve the layout.

How Do You Design U-Shaped Kitchens?

When designing a U-shaped kitchen, keep in mind that the main attraction of the layout is the large work surface it offers. You can invest in good-quality solid timber, granite, or quartz countertops to create a striking design feature.

Another point to consider is a design that does not make the room feel too closed in. You can achieve this by going for base units. Instead of too many tall cabinets, consider fitting the tall cabinets across one wall only. Open kitchen shelving is another way to make your U-shaped kitchen feel airy.

To improve the look of a U-shaped kitchen design, choose a contrasting, darker shade for your base units; it also creates the illusion of space. Another idea would be to replace the wall cabinets with a single extended shelf, with white walls and natural stone countertops to add to the airy ambiance.

Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen remodel is the best way to customize your kitchen to fit your needs and style. When considering a kitchen remodel, you have to consider the kitchen’s different parts, like the cabinets, appliances, countertops, flooring, fixtures, and décor. You can transform your kitchen from the basic U-shape into a G-shaped kitchen by adding a peninsula as the fourth side. L-shaped kitchens and galleys are additional designs to consider.

u shaped kitchen with peninsula floor plan style

Your budget is the main determinant of the extremity of the changes you make around your kitchen. The average cost of a kitchen remodel is around $20,000, but it varies depending on several factors. Whether you want custom cabinets, marble or granite countertops, or all new appliances, these are some of the basics to factor in.

Are Peninsula Layouts Ideal?

Yes. Peninsula floor plans are handy for many homeowners whose kitchens are too small to contain an island. Using it in a U-shaped kitchen layout makes it more functional by adding storage space and providing a family area where people can keep the cook company during meal preparations.

Kitchen Island

An island is a freestanding kitchen counter with all four sides open and stands on its own in the middle of the room. A kitchen island is ideal for spacious rooms since it occupies plenty of space. Depending on your needs, add a cooking surface or a farmhouse sink to the island.

A kitchen island adds extra counter space, and you can install cabinets for more storage. The island also minimizes foot traffic in the kitchen as it can hold your family or visitors at bay as you continue with your meal preparation.

If your kitchen is small, a peninsula is ideal since it takes up less space than a kitchen island.

Galley Kitchen Floor Plan

Galley kitchens are named after a ship’s kitchen and were originally associated with tight spaces and a sense of simplicity. A galley kitchen layout features two parallel running units forming a central corridor to work. Galley kitchens come in handy because of their ergonomic nature: they easily organize everything, so all items are easily accessible. Galley kitchens use limited space and, if not well planned, can make the space look clumped.

u shaped kitchen with peninsula floor plan galley

When remodeling a galley kitchen, assess the space to ensure you leave enough floor space for easy foot traffic. A galley kitchen can be opened into a different room on both sides or closed off by a wall on one side. You can use a few tips when planning a galley kitchen to achieve a classic and modern look.

  • The galley look can be symmetrical or asymmetrical. In the symmetrical kitchen layout, the length of the runs and the unit arrangements mirror each other as much as you want. Asymmetrical kitchen layouts involve various approaches, like focusing the taller cabinets on one side and base units on the other.
  • If you have the extra space, make your galley sociable by adding an island where you can do additional work.
  • You can also add seating in the galley if the space allows for a small peninsula or breakfast bar. The setup can serve as a dining space as well as additional storage.

Get Yourself a U-Shaped Kitchen with Peninsula Floor Plan

U-shaped kitchens with peninsula floor plans are a timeless design. If you’re planning to revamp your kitchen, take time researching the best designs. Feel free to contact us today and have access to a reasonable quote for your kitchen floor plan.

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