U-shaped kitchen remodel [2023]

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A U-shaped kitchen is formed by arranging countertop, floor storage segments, and major kitchen appliances. This kitchen design shape is useful since it can accommodate medium and large kitchen spaces. U-shaped kitchen remodel design gives the room a spacious admirable look.

u shaped kitchen remodel

Key points to consider when planning a U-shaped kitchen remodel:

  • Cost: A U-shaped kitchen remodel can cost $20,000 to $50,000 or more.
  • Functionality: A U-shaped kitchen provides plenty of storage, counter space, and appliances within easy reach.
  • Space requirements: A U-shaped kitchen requires a large, open space and may not be suitable for smaller kitchens.
  • Design considerations: A kitchen designer or architect can help with the placement of appliances, cabinetry, and countertops.
  • Ease of renovation: A U-shaped kitchen remodel can be a major undertaking and may involve significant construction, electrical, and plumbing work.

A U-shaped kitchen remodel is generally more expensive and complex than other types of kitchen renovations, but it can provide a highly functional and efficient space for cooking and entertaining.

The U-shaped design has plenty of wall cabinets, open shelving, countertop space, and a flexible layout around the three adjacent walls.

U-shaped design in small kitchen spaces because it can make the kitchen look poky, and a U-shaped design can be expensive if not planned well because it will need more appliances to fill those spaces.

U-shaped needs to be well-arranged to avoid looking cramped, U shaped design kitchens are best for large families since they have enough space to sit together.

Basics of the U-shaped Kitchen Design ideas

Countertops – the average countertop height is about 75cm to 85cm high; You can carry out the basics of kitchen duties like vegetable washing and cooking at this height, and the cost of countertops varies depending on the quality and durability of the countertop.

Wall cabinet – wall cabinets should be convenient for one to handle things well without straining. You will keep your items in these cabinets. With these, you do need to leave your kitchen staff untidy.

Size – a complete U-shaped kitchen should be 107 ft2, and the size of the U-shaped kitchen determines how much you will be spending for the U-shaped kitchen model. Size is important because it will give you the estimated cost.

Lights – Lighting will make your room clear. You will carry out your duties without any strain. Install windows to let the natural light into the room. You can choose to add lights on wall cabinets or under the cabinet as décor.

It’s up to you to choose if you want light under the cabinet or wall cabinet to ensure the room will be bright though this is not important.


Design your work triangle

A layout determines the effective set-up of your appliances. Most kitchen duties revolve around the sink, stove, and refrigerator. this is also referred to us as work triangle areas. In work triangle design, you will be able to draw a triangle in between these main areas.

u shaped kitchen remodel duties

Allows you to move effortlessly, around working areas. Designing your own work triangle gives you enough space and the look you want in your kitchen. When creating a work triangle, make sure the three sides sum should not be above 26 feet. You should also ensure that no stoppage should cut through the triangle.

Designing your own work triangle will prevent contamination of food when you are preparing meals because the sink is far from the stove.

For you to set up this work triangle you need to have enough space for you to move. Pay attention to the work triangle when you are making plans.

How you set your own work triangle will determine the effectiveness of your kitchen design.

Tips for designing a U-shaped kitchen layouts

These tips are an inspiration and will guide you to arrange your kitchen furniture and appliances in the best way.

Dining area – when it comes to a U-shaped kitchen with enough space, it is recommended to install a kitchen island. The kitchen island is a flat surface where you can place food, and that place is in the middle of the kitchen.

Hanging lighting – hanging these lights above the kitchen island gives you a clear spot of sitting positions, supplying enough light and leaving a tidy and pleasant look. They save more space and provide brightness that covers the whole area.

High cabinets – these storage ranges between 84 to 96 inches high. High kitchen cabinets should be four feet and above.

Best kitchen tiles – picking the best kitchen tiles is essential because it gives the kitchen a clear and significant look. You choose tiles depending on your kitchen space.

Check out how AI kitchen design can can give you ideas for your remodel project.

u shaped kitchen

Creates more separation and definition in the kitchen layouts

The kitchen triangle creates a separation that allows the movement and operation of two or more people in the same kitchen. The kitchen work triangle separates the kitchen work zones, storage units, sink, and other zones for effectiveness. The kitchen looks organized since the three sides fit immersive between the walls creating a perfect U-shaped design.

The kitchen work triangle does not encourage the working of two or more cooks in the kitchen because this will create traffic in the main kitchen zones, preventing effective movements.

The work triangle gives the kitchen a defined look through its layouts. It determines where you will be placing some items like the dining table. A kitchen that is defined and separated gives access to you need because the place is tidy and not overloaded.

Here are some basic U-shaped floor plans with a peninsula (click to open the full-size image):

u shaped kitchen with peninsula

Features offered by U-Shaped Kitchens

A U-shaped kitchen offers a free traffic flow – the moving distance between the sink, stove, and refrigerator is reduced facilitating easy workflow.

Security – the design makes the room more secure because everything in the room is placed apart and well kept. It prevents some kitchen accidents because of its wideness.

Storage units – in a U-shaped designed kitchen, many storage units allow you to organize all your things well. Storage units give your appliances enough security since it prevents them from falling and breaking. this storage can be counters, IKEA cabinets, and wall cabinets.

Space – it creates more space making it look big and clear. You don’t have to squeeze yourself from one point to another. Allows you and your family to gather around for meals and also chill and have fun together.

Open kitchen – it allows an open kitchen plan for smooth movements and it encourages a kitchen island because of the openness.

Flexible kitchen layouts – it does not matter if the kitchen is large or narrow. Flexible furniture will be more effective and last longer.

With a U-shape, You Can Create an Island

The U-shaped design kitchen has enough spaces that encourage the installation of kitchen island. The space in the kitchen determines if you can create a kitchen island.

With an island in the middle, it is easy to convert an L-shaped kitchen design into a U-shaped design kitchen. These can add more storage units, more countertops, and also a room for small appliances.

u shaped kitchen remodel l shaped

The average size of a kitchen island is 40 by 80 inches. The U-shaped design allows one of the walls to extend for an open entrance. Open space can be used to create a peninsula to separate the kitchen from another area.

The u-shaped kitchen remodel with island will be more expensive as the island part may have electric connections and plumbing.

The U shape = easy traffic flow

A U-shaped kitchen has wide walkways allowing movement of other people in the kitchen or behind you without compromising your work.

Entryways in a U-shaped kitchen are blocked – providing free movement without pumping into staff around the kitchen. Smooth movements help you save time when you are working in the kitchen.

u shaped kitchen remodel blocked

The traffic in a U-shape kitchen is very efficient. The countertops of these designs are placed on the walls enabling them to create space between them. The fourth side remains wide open in most cases. The format arrangement of the three main work areas is far apart, allowing efficient movement from one place to another.

This design can accommodate two or more cooks. Entry points should be wide open for relaxation in the kitchen. The arrangement and storage of your appliances determine if your kitchen will look organized and clear.

Easy traffic flow in the U-shaped kitchen makes even a small kitchen look more spaced and amazing. This design makes everything easy to access and carry out your duties freely, saving you more time and leaving you comfortable.


Kitchen cabinets are built-in units specifically made for storing food and kitchen appliances like fridges and ovens. We have many types of cabinets. Most of us will as; what type of kitchen cabinet is the best? The best kitchen cabinet is Medium Density Fiberboard [MDF].

Cabinets provide the kitchen with a stylish look when you add colors to them. They make a kitchen to have a spacious look and organized. The cabinet gives you more storage units to store your consumable food and appliances.

We have three main types of cabinets.

Custom – these are the most affordable cabinets. Their prices are between $100 to $300 per linear foot or $200 to $650 per unit. They don’t have any design options.

Semi-custom – these have many different designs and materials. They are affordable with few measurements and design options. They cost between $150 to $600 per linear foot. Materials costs between $75 to $350 per linear foot or $150 per unit.

Stock cabinets – these are expensive, but they have endless design options. They are perfect for specific designs and functions. The cost is between $500 to $1200 per linear foot.

Large and efficient working space

The U-shaped kitchen design has more countertops, giving you more space around the kitchen to carry out your duties smoothly.

More of us will agree that the massive and most efficient working places bring flexibility across the room. It is easy to avoid accidents in a large kitchen. Efficient working spaces make the room look more beautiful and organized.

You will have more space to store all your things without overloading and breaking them. You will always find it easy to prepare your meals because you will have enough space to place all the ingredients you need before you start cooking.

You will have enough space to serve your meals and interact with the family as you carry out meal preparation. You can also feel free to entertain guests without feeling embarrassed. You will always find it easy to find what you are looking since. You will be able to checklist your shopping list by looking at what you might need to add.

How can I add more kitchen storage?

Hanging and displaying your favorites – hanging most used items like pans, cups, and containers will create more space since you will not be touching the vertical, giving an easy-reach solution.

Use of kitchen corners – the corner can be used for open shelving.

Use containers – containers can help you add more space to your kitchen. Instead of overloading your cabinets, place some of the staff like flour and any dry food in a container and store them in cabinets will add more space.

Installing kitchen storage in a room close to the kitchen – can work for you if your kitchen does not have more space left.

Use of folding – folding tools like tables and chairs will add more space, and you will use the same spot for different things because it allows you to move the furniture.

U shape means extra storage space

What comes to your mind when you hear a U shape of kitchen design?

Well, the shape promises extra storage space within.

The layout of this design allows the cabinets to be installed under the countertop and wall cabinets, upper cabinets, and open shelves. You will always get enough space to store all your appliances and even get extra space.

u shaped kitchen remodel installed

A U-shaped kitchen gives storage spaces across the three connected walls. You can place cabinets, countertops, and storage of consumable food and kitchen tools. You can create drawers all around the three sides wall.

The kitchen island installation will give you extra space under and on the top of the kitchen island. You can use this place as a dining table, meal preparation, or extra sink.

How do I determine my kitchen layout?

Hanging and displaying your favorites – hanging most used items like pans, cups, and containers will create more space since you will not be touching the vertical, giving an easy-reach solution.

Use of kitchen corners – the corner can be used for open shelving.

Use containers – containers can help you add more space to your kitchen. Instead of overloading your cabinets, place some of the staff like flour and any dry food in a container and store them in cabinets will add more space.

Installing kitchen storage in a room close to the kitchen – can work for you if your kitchen does not have more space left.

Use of folding – folding tools like tables and chairs will add more space, and you will use the same spot for different things because it allows you to move the furniture.

Is a U-Shaped Kitchen Right for You?

A U-shaped kitchen offers numerous benefits and can be a great choice for many homeowners. However, it’s important to consider factors such as the size of your kitchen, your cooking habits, and your budget before making a decision. With careful planning and design, a U-shaped kitchen can be a functional and beautiful addition to your home.

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