How to sell kitchen cabinets? [2023]

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How to sell kitchen cabinets? If you haven’t sold kitchen cabinets in the past, the process may seem daunting and complicated. Most homeowners are inexperienced in selling, so their cabinets and other kitchen components usually end up in landfills.

how to sell kitchen cabinets

Here are the key points to keep in mind when attempting to sell your used kitchen cabinets:

  • Selling old kitchen cabinets can be a great way to recoup some of the cost of a kitchen remodel
  • The process may seem daunting, but there are different ways to earn money by selling old kitchen cabinets
  • The tips shared can also help a cabinet manufacturer boost sales
  • Most people prefer selling their used cabinets to save on renovation budget
  • To sell cabinets, it’s important to learn the right marketing strategy
  • Tips include taking detailed photos, measuring and writing down dimensions, writing detailed descriptions, setting the right price, and selling the cabinets online.

However, I have discovered that there are different ways you can earn money by selling old kitchen cabinets. The tips I will share can also help a cabinet manufacturer boost sales.

Selling your used kitchen cabinets and appliances can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With some creativity and an open mind, you may find there are more options than you initially thought. For example, holding a garage sale and advertising your used kitchen items can draw in potential buyers from your local neighborhood. You can even donate cabinets or appliances in good condition to Habitat for Humanity or a similar organization, for a tax write-off.

Additionally, barter groups on Facebook allow you to trade items rather than selling them. Swapping your old kitchen cabinets for someone’s unwanted patio furniture can be a win-win. The key is to think outside the box – you may be surprised what innovative solutions you can find if you approach selling your used kitchen items with an open and creative mindset.

Step Details
Take detailed photos of the cabinets Use a good-quality camera and basic photography skills. Capture pictures in well-illuminated spaces. Take close-ups and capture the cabinets while they are on the wall. Highlight any flaws and take multiple photos for different platforms.
Measure the cabinets and write down the dimensions Provide the length, width, and height for each unit. Also provide the layout details like the number of drawers and doors, and their placement in the kitchen space.
Write a detailed description of the cabinets Include details like dimensions, material, color, finishes, usage duration, and designer details if they are custom-made.
Set the price for the cabinets Research the current market value and consider factors like design, condition, and age of the cabinets.
Sell kitchen cabinets online List your cabinets for sale on credible websites like Facebook marketplace and Craig’s List.
Sell cabinets locally Find a local contractor or look in your neighborhood for potential buyers who might need cabinets for their new home.
Negotiate Be flexible with your prices. Consider factors like condition, color, design, repairs, and whether they’re outdated when negotiating.
Removal and delivery Unscrew the cabinets from the wall or find someone to do it. Ask the buyer to pick up their purchase or arrange for removal and delivery. Consider professional services for large and heavy units. Release delivery only after receiving payment.

You Can Sell Your Used Kitchen Cabinets and Granite

According to my assessment of Google searches, most people prefer selling their used cabinets to save on their renovation budget because, as we all know, projects like kitchen remodeling always cost more than we expect.

You can remove the existing kitchen cabinets and sell them in a showroom. This way, you’ll recover a small amount of your investment in the old cabinetry for the new kitchen.

To do this, you need to learn the right marketing strategy.

1. Take detailed photos of the cabinets:

Taking photos has helped me elaborate on my cabinets’ design, features, and condition. They also allow the viewer to imagine how it’ll look in their kitchen. Here are some tips for taking effective photos:

  • To get clear and impressive pictures of your old cabinets, you must have a good-quality camera and basic photography skills.
  • Make sure that the room you’re taking photos in is well-illuminated. Avoid capturing the photos in dark spaces.
  • You should also take close-ups to emphasize the detailing elements or unique hardware features.
  • Try taking pictures while your cabinets are on the wall to get a better view.
  • If your cabinets have scratches, blemishes, or other flaws, try highlighting them.
  • Take as many photos as possible because you’ll be sharing them on multiple social media sites.

2. Measure the cabinets and write down the dimensions:

Though pictures are a great tool to grab customers’ attention, they only provide a mere idea of what size a cabinet is. Therefore, for better demonstration, you need to mention the dimensions of your cabinets for buyers.

Take proper measurements for each unit’s length, width, and height.

I’ve noticed that providing the details of the kitchen layout and

other relevant details like the number of drawers, doors, and placement in your kitchen space are also beneficial.

how to sell kitchen cabinets imagine

3. Write a detailed description of the cabinets:

Anyone who wants to buy cabinets would be interested in knowing the key features to make any decision.

I always write a description below the picture of my old kitchen cabinets, including their dimensions, material, color, and finishes.

I also mention how long they’ve been used to tell buyers about the durability and functionality of your existing kitchen cabinets.

If your cabinets are custom-made, you may like to share the designer’s name and details to ignite the spark of interest in potential buyers.

4. Set the price for the cabinets

Let’s face it; you’re not going to get what you paid for while selling used kitchen cabinets. Similarly, buyers on the hunt for cabinet purchases in thrift stores or resale of refurbished items won’t agree to pay a high price.

But don’t agree to a low price for selling used kitchen cabinets just because they’re old.

Research to find the current market value so you can sell at an affordable price.

The design, condition, and age of the cabinets are some factors to consider when deciding on a price for them.

5. Sell kitchen cabinets online

To begin with the online process, you should search a few credible websites where you can get your cabinets listed for sale.

Facebook marketplace is one of the platforms where most homeowners meet potential buyers to sell their used cabinets, granite, and appliances.

how to sell kitchen cabinets potential

Besides that, there are many websites, for example, Craig’s List, to enlist secondhand items.

Once you do so, you’ll realize that selling cabinets is not as difficult as it seemed initially. You’ll find a buyer soon by sharing clear pictures and detailed information about your kitchen cabinets and setting a fair price.

6. Sell cabinets locally

If you want your kitchen remodeling to start in a day or two and can’t wait to find a buyer online, here’s what you can do.

Find a local contractor to help replace the used one with a new kitchen cabinet.

A contractor knows very well at what price the old cabinets are being sold. Hence, they can help you sell them at a reasonable amount.

Instead of looking for a contractor, you may search in your neighborhood if someone needs cabinets for their new home at low prices. This recycling process also helps reduce construction waste.

7. Negotiate

You should always be flexible with your prices, especially if you’re selling refurbished items.

For potential customers, there should be room for discussion and negotiation.

Remember the condition, color, design, repairs, and whether they’re outdated.

8. Removal and deliver

With the removal and delivery of the cabinets, you’ll successfully be done with your job. However, it requires some work.

how to sell kitchen cabinets removal

You unscrew the cabinets from the wall by yourself. Or you could find someone to do the job.

The easiest way is to ask the buyer to come and pick up their purchase.

If they can’t, it’ll be your responsibility to make arrangements for the removal and delivery of these cabinets safely to the buyer’s place.

For large and heavy units, consider acquiring the services of a professional to transfer them.

Make sure the payment has been released before you send the delivery.

What will you do with the old appliances?

Sometimes, people remove the old cabinets from the kitchen and install them in the garage for storage purposes. However, this is not practical for kitchen appliances.

But, like cabinets, you can put your working appliances for sale. In this case, what if money isn’t your concern, and you want to get rid of some of your appliances?

Contact a charity and give away those extra appliances, lighting, and old countertops for donations. Various families can’t afford to buy stuff for their new home. Therefore, during a kitchen remodel, consider putting some of your light fixtures, sinks, dishwashers, and cabinets for donation.

Habitat Restore accepts appliances that aren’t more than eight years old. So if you have a few, let them know, and they’ll come to pick them up.

How to sell kitchen cabinets as a professional?

All these tips can also help you if you’re running a kitchen and bath industry business. Since the competition is intense, you need to do something different or special to appeal to your target buyers.

To increase your company sales, you should first get an idea of the market. Research what a buyer is looking for to make a tempting deal.

Remember that customers appreciate honesty. Make sure to share clear information, and stay clear about your policies.

Step Details
Evaluation of appliances Determine whether appliances are functional, how old they are, and their overall condition.
Take detailed photos Use a good-quality camera to take detailed photos of the appliances, highlighting their condition and features.
Write a detailed description Include information about the make, model, age, functionality, and condition of the appliance.
Set a price Research the current market value for similar used appliances and set a competitive price.
Sell appliances online List your appliances for sale on platforms like Facebook marketplace or Craig’s List.
Arrange for pick-up or delivery Ask the buyer to pick up the appliance or arrange for delivery. Ensure payment has been received before releasing the appliance.
Donate old appliances If selling isn’t your main aim, consider donating appliances to charities like Habitat Restore, which accepts appliances that aren’t more than eight years old.

Share Pictures

You should focus on your marketing strategy to sell cabinets for new kitchens as a recognized brand. The first and foremost step is having a gallery of your kitchen cabinets of every design, color, size, and hardware you can put on display.

For taking pictures of your kitchen cabinets, hire a professional photographer. Professionals know which angles provide the best view and what features should be highlighted in the images.

Maintain A Catalogue

While running an online business, a catalogue is one of the powerful tools to draw people’s attention. A catalogue helps customers find everything from style to price range in one place. It also makes the process of selection easier for them.

Create an Effective Website

To generate more money from your business and outshine your competitors, you must have a well-designed, user-friendly website. The website is a major platform to show who you are and what you do.

Branding On Social Media

The handiest tool for brand recognition and promotion is social media. It connects you with your target customers all around the world.

how to sell kitchen cabinets customers

People don’t have enough time to visit multiple showrooms before deciding which kitchen cabinet will be suitable for their remodeling project. So, if you know what type of content can answer their queries or develop interest, you can sell your kitchen cabinet selection to them.

By sharing relevant content on your social media, you can gain your followers’ attention and turn them into happy customers. For example, you could

share tips for saving on a renovation budget or write an informative blog post about kitchen décor.

Display In a Showroom

Many homeowners want to reduce their expenses on remodeling by purchasing old kitchen cabinetry, granite, and countertops. You can help them save money by selling cabinets at low prices.

Because of the reported scams, many customers prefer visiting showrooms themselves, especially if a store claims to sell kitchen cabinets and other components at cheaper rates.

Now you are ready to sell your kitchen

Now that you have the inside scoop on how to sell those old kitchen cabinets, it’s time to put that knowledge into action. It’s a smart move to recoup some of the cost of your kitchen remodel. And let’s not forget, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Make sure to take detailed photos, measure and write down the dimensions, and craft a detailed description of the cabinets. It’s all about setting the right price and showcasing those cabinets on platforms like Facebook marketplace or Craig’s list.

Remember, always do your research on the current market value and be honest about the condition of the cabinets to attract the right buyers. With these tips, you’ll be able to sell those cabinets in no time.

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