Cost of shower stall remodel [2022]

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What is the cost of shower stall remodel? Let’s find out what goes into shower stall remodel. A stained old bathtub, cracked tiles, mold growth, leakage, and spots surrounding the shower walls are the signs that you need a shower remodel.

cost of shower stall remodel

The cost of a shower remodel is influenced by many factors. If you plan to upgrade the entire bathroom, it’ll include everything from a shower head to tiles. So, you should expect to pay a sky-high price for these bathroom renovations.

A short cost survey conducted to get an estimate for shower renovation reveals it may range from $3000 to $15000. The average cost of installing a shower varies because of the shower size, material, and local labor costs. Also, the damage to your old shower and the square footage of the bathroom can increase your average remodeling cost.

Average Shower Remodel Cost

Shower renovation or remodeling is essential for your bathroom’s longevity, functionality, and safety. It’s also important for your health. Because the shower is where you go after an exhausting day to calm your mind and restore your energy. A clean shower stall and bathroom space make you feel refreshed.

cost of shower stall remodel essential

A new shower installation isn’t likely to break the bank unless you want a luxury finish for your tiles and fixtures. Though it involves plumbing, there are many options you can choose from that suit your budget. The minimum average shower remodel cost is approximately $6500.

Different Types of Shower Remodels

The height of your bathroom ceiling, your current shower layout, and the fixtures you want to replace or add are among the things needed to determine what type of shower remodel you may want.

Walk-in Shower

Walk-in showers aren’t only attractive but practical too. Eliminating any obstacle to entering the shower, they keep your bathroom look seamlessly smooth and captivating.

cost of shower stall remodel obstacle

A fully tiled walk-in shower doesn’t need a shower door and curtains. This reduces the burden of keeping them clean and preventing mold growth.

Cost to Remodel Shower and Tub Combos

The tub and shower combo is considered a necessity for households with kids. They are a perfect addition to the primary bathroom as they accent the space with their gorgeous fixtures. Their cost to remodel can go as high as $12000.

Replace Bathtub with Shower Stall

Instead of having a tub and shower combo, some only want to keep shower stalls. Especially for small bathrooms where it can be difficult to accommodate both in a smaller area. Whatever your purpose is, replacing a bathtub with a shower stall is estimated to be around $3500.

cost of shower stall remodel keep

Custom Walk-in Shower Remodel Cost

Since custom showers are intended to fit your needs and wants, you have endless options in designing them. Therefore, the remodeling costs for a custom walk-in shower are competitively higher than any other type. It can run anywhere between $10000 to $15000.

DIY Cost to Remodel a Shower Yourself

Saving money is indeed your top priority when it comes to costly projects like shower renovations. Many would love to opt for a DIY shower installation and remodeling. For a small bathroom, a DIY shower remodel costs $150 to $250.

Though DIY remodeling seems budget-friendly, it can stir more trouble if you aren’t experienced or skilled in plumbing.

Does a Shower Remodel Increase Home Value?

Besides ensuring your bathroom’s safety and sustainability, a shower remodel increases your home’s resale value. Think about visiting a house you want to buy. What would you look for? If its bathroom is crying out for significant repairs, you’ll certainly turn down making an offer. However, a potential buyer will immediately strike a deal if you’ve renovated your shower for an updated look.

Cost to Redo a Bathroom Floor

Accumulated grime, missing grouting, and chipped tiles make you consider installing a new bathroom flooring. The material costs per square foot determine the total cost to redo bathroom floors.

The average cost to install a new floor ranges from $1000 to $4000.

Shower Remodel Basics

Installation cost, labor cost, size of the shower, bathtub, and fixtures are considered the essentials for shower remodel. Besides these basic elements, you need to prepare for more changes that you may discover after taking down your old shower.

Shower Costs and Considerations

Your shower remodel project is comprised of two major things: labor and material costs. But they aren’t the only expenses you need to consider. You may have a budget, but you can’t determine the total cost unless you open the walls, floor, and ceiling.

cost of shower stall remodel consider

Once the contractor begins with plumbing, you’ll know if there’s any flaw in the current structure that you must take care of. Or you may later realize that your tiles aren’t matching the updated shower version, or it’ll look better without a cast-iron bathtub. Therefore, you need to make room for the possibility of more changes.

Luxury Shower Additions and Modifications

Who wouldn’t want to spruce up their bathroom with luxury shower additions? Remember that luxury additions such as steam showers and modifications demand a flexible budget.

Shower Vent Fan Replacement

A bathroom fan is a necessity you shouldn’t overlook during renovation. A shower vent fan helps reduce humidity and odor. Replacing a shower fan costs an average of $500, including both fan cost and installation fee.

Replace Glass Shower Door

The size of the shower door and glass thickness determines the cost of replacing a glass shower door. It can be as low as $400 or higher than $2000 for a custom glass shower door.

Cost of Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom fixtures can be as cheap as $650, or the price may go up to $20000 if you’re longing for luxurious ones. A new shower head, shower valve, and bath fitter are some very basic and essential elements of bathroom fixtures. However, their cost varies significantly depending on the material and style you choose.

Moving Plumbing Fixtures

Moving plumbing fixtures is a difficult and lengthy task. Therefore, you’ll notice a spike in your total remodeling cost.

When you decide to move plumbing fixtures, you will need to tear out the entire flooring and relocate the drains, supply lines, and more. The average cost can be $11 per fixture, excluding floor redoing charges.

Changes in Layout or Moving Walls

You may need to update your bathroom layout as per your contractor’s advice. Or maybe the existing shower walls aren’t required anymore so you want to remove them.

Changes in layout or moving shower walls add up ino your budget. If it includes moving electricity, the cost may tick up to $5000.

Contractor Advice Beyond Installation

Not everyone has enough information to decide what options suit their needs and taste. In such situations, you’ll need an expert’s word to accomplish your goal of an accessible, nice-looking shower.

Choosing the tile, shower type, and bathtub can be overwhelming for many people. So, they need a specialist’s advice to help them come up with the best option or, in some cases, to plan the entire remodel. A specialist may charge $100 to $200 per hour for this job.

Labor Cost to Install Showers

Labor costs vary in different localities and depend on the amount of work, or the number of hours required. Simple shower installation that includes plumbing may cost you $1000 to $2000.

Shower Renovation Cost Materials

You should factor in the significant variety of materials while planning a renovation. Bear in mind that most contractors get a discount on material costs. Therefore, you must ask them for their price quotes and consider bargaining.

Water Damage

Leakage in pipes contributes to water damage which also promotes mold and mildew. It would be best to correct it as soon as you notice a wet spot on your shower walls or ceilings. You may have to spend up to $2500 if the damage is severe.

One-day Shower Remodeling Cost

If you can’t keep up with the daily changing schedule of contractors, you can opt for companies offering one-day remodeling services. For small projects, one-day shower remodeling costs $3000. If you need a bath fitter, shower niche, and custom installation services, it’ll go up to $14000.

Shower Head and Faucet Remodel

While planning to remodel a shower, keep your budget flexible enough to replace the old shower head and faucet. Because more than likely the existing one won’t match your new shower, making it look mismatched. Replacing a shower head and faucet can cost up to $1000.

Shower Remodel Material Prices

A wide variety of materials allow you to choose between more or less expensive ones. Multiple factors are involved in determining the material prices for shower remodels. The size of the shower, type, material quality, and your budget are all things used to help narrow down your options. The least amount to expect for a small bathroom is $7 per square foot.

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Shower?

How much it costs to remodel a shower depends on the scale of your project. For things as simple as a new shower installation, it’ll cost $3000. And if it includes tiling, moving plumbing fixtures, and more, you should be prepared for the budget going up to $15000 or above.

Shower Remodel Cost: Types of Showers

You have different options to play around with, from prefabricated shower stalls and tubs to shower combos to walk-in showers. However, we can’t say that the choice is entirely personal. Besides your budget, the square footage of the bathroom has an impact on decision-making. Let’s see what shower installation options you have.

Prefabricated Shower

A prefab shower stall is a built-in shower and is more popular among homeowners with a tight remodeling budget. It comes assembled and only needs to be installed, unlike a tile shower which has to be built from scratch. That’s why DIY-ers prefer a prefab shower so they can save money instead of hiring a professional.

A prefabricated shower is low-maintenance, lightweight, and installed quickly. Both single and multiple unit kits are available in a prefab shower style. Multiple unit kits include a shower base (or bathtub), a shower pan, and one larger back piece with two side pieces for separation.

The cost of a prefabricated shower unit differs for variable sizes. It ranges between $300 to $8000. Also, you’ve to ensure the size you order will come through your door and fit inside the bathroom.

Tub and Shower Combination

Many homeowners consider having at least one bathtub complementing their shower and suitable fixtures. Moreover, a shower tub combination that ideally fits in your wide-open bathroom looks appealing.

People mostly love to install a shower tub combo as it gives them diverse styling options. Also, with a bathtub, they enjoy a more comfortable shower experience. The cost to remodel a tub shower combo can be as high as $3000.

Walk in Shower

Today, walk-in showers are frequently observed in contemporary houses. A peculiar reason is that they’ve several attributes that favor our modern-day needs. Since a walk-in shower doesn’t need a shower door or curtain, it’s a thoughtful design for people with mobility issues.

Walk-in showers don’t have any steps or barriers, creating an illusion of a uniform spacious bathroom. Moreover, a tile walk-in shower eases cleaning. Though a walk-in shower lacks privacy, it’s all the rage in modern-style bathrooms. It may cost you between $4000 to $8000.

Factors in Calculating Shower Remodel Cost

Remodeling costs are variable because of multiple factors that need your attention while making a budget. Installing a shower isn’t a tough job as reducing your expenses for a luxury remodeling.


Tile cost is a huge variable in your remodeling project because of the size, style, and material you choose for the shower tile. Tile installation on shower walls will significantly reduce your total tile costs. An average per square foot shower tile costs $12.

For personalized design, some homeowners prefer custom tile showers. This type of shower remodel is quite expensive.

Labor and Permits

Labor costs are one of the potential factors that can skyrocket your expenses for bathroom remodels. It occupies up to 60% of the total remodeling costs because it involves both plumbing and electrical work.

Depending on your square footage, you may negotiate on labor costs. Average per hour labor costs can be around $50, depending on what you need to get done.

Since shower renovations or remodeling require the opening of walls and ceilings, you must obtain a permit first. You can’t start working unless the builder grants you the permit. Though it varies regionally, you can expect to pay somewhere between $500 to $1500 to pull permits.


Remodeling a shower without replacing the fixtures of the old shower is of no value. It would be best if you replaced fixtures such as the shower pan, shower head, and valve to achieve the true purpose of the renovation.

The shower pan holds substantial importance in remodeling projects. It rests on the shower floor to allow proper drainage of water. Your shower pan must remain intact to prevent water from seeping through the tiles beneath.

Shower Doors

Whether you want a shower door or not is up to you. Shower doors are a prerequisite for those who want privacy. They’re less common to be installed in walk-in showers. The cost of a shower door depends on the material and style you choose.

Framed doors and sliding doors are among the cheapest options. They’re easily available for $200 to $300. For aesthetics, French doors are more likely in demand and cost up to $900.

At a certain time, the frameless shower door was quite famous. They were also pretty expensive, i.e., around $3000.

Shower Size and Type

Shower remodeling involves a lot of structural work, especially if you aim to remove the existing shower and other hardware. What’s more, the shower size of your old shower and the type you’re looking forward to installing also affect remodeling expenses.

A larger shower’s demolition cost is higher because it will require more material later to fill the space. Similarly, you can expect to pay more to install bigger showers. Rather than installing custom showers, premade shower kits are less expensive.

Material Quality

Instead of building a new bathroom, renovations are preferably done by homeowners to be economical. You’re in charge of several things, such as choosing the type of shower stalls and tile material. But once you start taking a fancy to luxurious fixtures, there’s no way back.

From basic to aesthetic materials, numerous options are at your disposal. You can keep a simple yet classic style with white subway tiles and a prefab shower unit. When it comes to the choice of material and style for renovation, the sky’s the limit.

Existing Shower Demolition and Disposal of Materials

People who enjoy DIY-ing find this step of shower renovation the most challenging because most of them are less likely to be aware of the demolition techniques that’ll safely strip out the existing unit and prevent any harm to the structure.

It is important to remember that the debris needs to be properly disposed of or else it will cause more problems for you and others.

It would be best to consider hiring a demolition and material, disposal contractor. They can do the job well for a price as low as $1200.


Need a new shower head? Looking for the options available? Though the shower head is a minimal element, it has the potential to transform your shower experience.

Whether you enjoy a spa-like rainfall shower or a wall mount rainfall shower head, there is no need to worry about the budget. They’re extremely cost-effective—a rainfall shower head costs between $20 to $100.

Ceiling rainfall shower heads are all the rage in modern bathrooms. You can expect it to cost up to $195. You might also find a dual shower system more refreshing.

Age of the Home

Homeowners should remember that the bathrooms of old houses aren’t easy to renovate. So if it’s been more than a decade since you’ve built a house, consulting a contractor is a wise decision for renovation.

You never know how much damage has been incurred to the pipelines and drainage over a longer period. It may take you longer to discover the extent of damage and repair required if you go for DIY-ing.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Shower Enclosure?

Shower enclosures are used to create a line of separation between wet and dry areas. Whether you opt for a framed enclosure or a frameless one will impact the cost.

Shower enclosures are a perfect addition for visual appeal. Their average cost ranges between $350 to $750.

Is it Cheaper to Build a Shower or Buy one?

Building a shower can be a satisfying project unless you make a terrible mistake. Though it allows you to be creative with your shower, you can’t afford to go wrong with the structure. Otherwise, it’ll end up adding to your budget for repairs.

To avoid such situations, we’d suggest you buy a premade shower. Because building a shower will ultimately blow your budget if it doesn’t go smoothly.

What Are the Best Shower Wall Panels?

Shower wall panels come in various materials and finishes, giving you the freedom to choose according to your preference. Though there are wider options, acrylic is the most popular one. Other materials are PVC (vinyl) and laminate panels.

Are Acrylic Showers Any Good?

The durability, affordability, and ease of installation make acrylic showers the optimum choice. Additionally, they’re easy to clean and more resistant to cracks than fiberglass showers.

Acrylic showers need professional hands for the installation. But you should limit your expectations for a variety of styles.


How perfectly your shower renovation will be done is determined by the proficiency of the contractor you hire. Don’t be swayed by the cheap shower remodel cost the contractor is offering. And look for references or recommendations by authentic people and sources to make an informed decision.

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