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A kitchen remodel costs worksheet budgets the necessary costs for any furniture company that may be involved in stock cabinets, national kitchen projects, and other types of installation.

kitchen remodel costs worksheet

It is important to have a detailed quote to estimate all items necessary for the projects, from the purchase of materials, their installation, and payment of contractors. A spreadsheet is a helpful tool for budgeting, as one can monitor cost and payment status during renovation.

We will help show the need for a kitchen remodel budget worksheet Excel template to ensure no stone is left unturned, even if you want to create a new kitchen. Follow closely to learn how to account for every amount you may need to spend.


Cost estimates

Cost estimates help to devise an accurate remodeling plan as it makes it easier for the remodeling contractors to obtain the right building costs. Cost estimates cover areas like framing, heating, electrical, plumbing, drywall, finished carpentry, insulation, flooring, ceilings, painting, and other related tasks for a kitchen.

It contains the unit amount of kitchen elements like backsplash, appliances, design, ceilings, custom cabinets, cabinet refacing, lighting, exhaust fans, outdoor kitchens, doors, windows, sinks, pantry, walls, etc. Each line item contains an item within the budget. Since the kitchen remodel budget template is a spreadsheet, you can implement some functions to show the total amount of the estimate.

As a house owner, you can easily create a plan within your savings using this worksheet. Everyone wants quality appliances in their home. However, some homeowners may require a longer period of time to gather a sufficient amount of savings for the entire project. A budget worksheet helps to track every penny while helping with efforts to save more.

Labor costs

It is easier to plan for remodeling without including the costs of labor. Oftentimes, one may be concerned about the hardware, especially those that belong to the bath association, but not include the plans for labor. Well, the kitchen remodel budget worksheet covers this, as it includes a section for labor costs.

The labor costs refer to the price for workmanship. Different experts will do the work of fixing the appliances in their specified positions. However, it is possible to get so involved with the items needed for the projects that no plan is made for the labor costs. If so, it may be necessary to use unplanned funds to attend to such needs in case you go over budget.

kitchen remodel costs worksheet specified

Luckily, the worksheet includes the labor costs so that you can pay the employees for their job. But it is also critical to know the right cost for labor for each part of a project. Good pay is encouragement for a quality job.

Kitchen budget overruns and buffer

It’s important to note that kitchen remodel cost estimates are just that – estimates.

Actual costs may vary due to unforeseen circumstances, changes in materials or labor costs, or other factors.

It’s important to be prepared for the possibility of budget overruns and to have a contingency plan in place in case costs end up being higher than expected. It’s generally a good idea to set aside a certain percentage of your budget as a buffer to account for unexpected costs or changes in your kitchen remodel project. I recommend setting aside 15-25% of your budget as a buffer.

Make sure to carefully review all contracts and agreements before signing, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or negotiate terms if necessary.

Kitchen remodel budget worksheet

The kitchen remodel budget worksheet contains all you need to cut down costs. It can be hard to know how much a kitchen remodel will cost. You cannot simply compare the prices with items on Amazon.

Instead, there is a need for proper research, knowing the required budget, and being able to track expenses. As a result, it is necessary to download a personal kitchen remodel worksheet as it helps.

What is a realistic budget for a kitchen remodel?

Getting a realistic budget for a kitchen remodel is another serious task. The truth is that you will need to do a little research to understand what to expect. However, you may need to check the most common shopping prices of some items to estimate your possible budget.

kitchen remodel costs worksheet expect

How can I save on the cost of kitchen cabinets?

You can save on the cost of kitchen cabinets by doing thorough research rather than rushing into action without enough information. Here are some examples of such:

1. Stock Cabinets – Custom options may not be the best, as it may increase your price unnecessarily. On average, you will need at least $200.

2. Replace Parts – One can transform the entire cabinetry and replace bad ones; you do not necessarily have to buy new ones. Nevertheless, you should be ready to spend $100 to buy a new door or upgrade hardware. You should plan about $750 for two doors.

3. Employ a Handyman – A handyman, or jack-of-all-trades, can work on simple installations rather than a more costly carpenter. It is simple if there are no bowed walls or tricky corners. You will pay less to a handyman for their labor. A heightened skill implies a higher rate. You can budget $40 to $70 per hour.

4. DIY Your Demo – You can avoid the need for labor if you can do some tasks by yourself. If you have a sledgehammer, you can go ahead and complete some of your demolition tasks. You do not need to budget for this.

How to save on appliances?

Saving on appliances can be done via:

  1. Getting an affordable option from a reliable store.
  2. Buying used appliances from trusted friends and family.
  3. Look for appliances with available coupons.

Why do you need a remodel budget?

You need a remodel budget in order not to spend above your financial limits. Flooring, and the purchase of other materials, can cost a lot of money. Homeowners need a remodel budget to check to spend. Even if you are remodeling a national kitchen, it is appropriate to have a budget.

How to save on painting?

Saving on painting can be tough:

  1. Do not rush to paint – Painting kitchen cabinets or countertops can be an expensive project. However, there are more affordable times. For example, the painting business has lower rates during the winter season.
  2. Do some things yourself – You can remove blockages from your faucets or taps. Most of the time, all you need is patience.
  3. Prepare before painting – You can do some preparations, like the removal of outlet covers, yourself. Since painters will charge per hour, you can do some basic prep work before they come.

Before you start budgeting

You need to settle some scores before you start budgeting. They include:

  1. Your earnings.
  2. The quality of materials.
  3. The reliability of suppliers.
  4. Labor costs.

Should I get a home improvement loan?

Getting a home improvement loan should be dependent on its degree of flexibility and its necessity. Getting a loan may be necessary if you do not have enough money for your home improvement project; it can also be utilized to improve your credit score. You can consider a home improvement loan if it will not be difficult to pay back.

Also, you can do a lot of endeavors yourself to reduce the amount you might need for a home improvement loan.

What makes a good investment?

A good investment begins with the kind of building you plan to have. Homeowners make every effort to make their space look good and more marketable. Often times, this may involve remodeling some parts of the house. A good investment is a building that will make more profit than another building.

kitchen remodel costs worksheet marketable

Make adjustments as needed

The reason for your worksheet is not only to fill it out but to make necessary adjustments during the project. Homeowners may not make all the adjustments the building needs. However, some adjustments are crucial to have the house in the best shape for users.

Before you meet with your general contractor

A meeting with your general contractor shows that you are ready to begin remodeling. Nevertheless, it is important to:

  1. Have a budget.
  2. Be clear on the adjustments you want to make.
  3. Consider DIY, where applicable.
  4. Speak with your contractor to know what you can do better.

Check your totals

You should check your totals to know your estimate. If your total is more than your budget, there is a need to cut some parts of the project and focus on others. You do not need to remodel every part of the kitchen at once; you can focus on the most important parts and progress to other parts of the kitchen later. Remember, this is the reason you have a worksheet.

kitchen remodel costs worksheet others

Costs of a typical kitchen remodel

Generally, you can budget between $10,000 to $36,000 for materials, while labor costs can be between $2,200 to $9,400. It is important to note that this estimation is appropriate for a 12 x 15 square foot kitchen. You can consult your general contractor to help plan your sheet with you.

What costs the most in a kitchen?

The sink is one of the most expensive parts of a kitchen, approximately $1,000 and upwards. If you are being economical, you should read how to save on your sink.

How to save on your sink?

You can save on your sink by:

  1. Have a self-rimming sink – Unlike other styles, it is affordable to install.
  2. Pay attention to the faucets – you can replace the faucet if your sink is still good. You can do this yourself without any professional help.

How to save on countertops?

You can save on countertops by:

  1. Avoid big box stores – A local fabricator will deliver good options at a more affordable cost than the big retailers.
  2. Select discontinued and odd materials – These choices come with considerable discounts.
  3. Choose prefabricated laminate – You can cut labor costs with onsite cutting.


You can download a kitchen remodel cost worksheet. All you have to do is fill each line item out on a different page. Get started now and stick with the plan.



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