Can you remodel a bathroom for $5000? [2022]

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Can you remodel a bathroom for $5000? As a homeowner looking to remodel your current bathroom or remodel the bathroom before moving into your new home, the cost is a big part of the decision. According to Forbes advisor, a standard bathroom renovation costs a national average of about $2,500 to $30,000 depending on whether you would replace fixtures and install new materials.

can you remodel a bathroom for $5000

However, to answer the question, can bathrooms be upgraded for just $5000? Yes, they can. The remodeling project depends on excellent, reasonable budgeting and getting pocket-friendly but quality materials for the entire process. You can easily carry out the remodels when all of this is in place.

Would you love to get a complete remodel of your bathroom? Here you will find the full breakdown of how much it will cost to start remodeling and how you can do a bathroom renovation at the cost of $5000.

For example, is the bathroom renovation charged by the square foot, or do you need to replace the built-in sink? Is there a need to paint the wall? And what value does the renovation add to your home?

Our focus will be on the budget for every step of the renovation, the new design, the budget for labor, and the necessary materials needed for the project.

How much will it cost to remodel a bathroom?

Does a standard complete remodel of a bathroom have to cost over $30,000? No, it does not. You can get professional renovations at a lesser price. Money is essential, but a budget-friendly cost can also deliver a beautiful bathroom space.

remodel a bathroom for 5000 deliver

Your budget and the remodel quality you get do not have to go hand in hand. You can completely refurbish the bathroom at a lesser price with no stress and still get a good job done. For a cost of $5,000, you will get all the perks you see in your favorite remodeling magazine.

A cost-friendly remodeling does not always involve the removal of fixtures such as the sink, toilet, or bathtubs. Instead, you can paint the walls, tile the floor, improve the shower space, and more. Instead, you can do all the work to give your bathroom an excellent remodel without spending loads of money and exceeding your budget.

Home projects require getting a contractor. The contractors are involved in the process and work in line with your budget from start to finish.

Other factors include the size of your bathroom. A small space will cost lesser than an ample bathroom space. Contractors also look into the tubs, showers, and toilets to determine the extent of the bathroom renovations.

What areas in your bathroom will the remodel cover at $5,000?

  • The tub
  • Vanity, sink, and mirror
  • walls and painting
  • Floor and tile
  • countertops,
  • the toilet, and other minor details.

Some of these only need refurbishing or polishing, while you might need to replace a few items. It all adds up to ensure you settle at only $5000. We have to find the materials necessary and put effort into the job itself. So, let us dive into it.

Tub or Shower

You can create luxury on a budget with your bathtub and shower. Of course, an entire replacement of the tub would cost about $5000 itself, so you need to find lower prices. Still, considering the budget, you can give your tub a new look with prices ranging from $350 to 1000$, including labor and materials. It is called refinishing or resurfacing, and it provides your tub and shower space a clean, shiny new look which is the whole point.

The task is simple and involves a careful effort from the professional involved. Installing a tub surround also adds to the remodel. However, it is more costly at about $800 to 1000$ with labor inclusive.

remodel a bathroom for 5000 pleasing

A tub surround is necessary because it prevents water from leaking from the bath and shower other than being aesthetically pleasing. Two people can install it; while you are spending a little more, it is integral to bathroom remodels.

Sink or vanity

A new vanity set includes a counter, cabinet, sink, mirror, and faucet. You might incorporate a few ideas into the design to remodel the entire bathroom. A vanity set gives about 50$ for the whole renovation.

Usually, you do not need to replace the entire set. However, it costs about $300 to do minor touchups and renovation, so that you will save costs. In addition, you get a fresh and revamped sink. So how does the vanity remodeling work?

  • Renovate cabinet with new hardware
  • Resurface sink
  • Paint the surfaces
  • Repair cracks, scratches, and damages

Most of the cost here will go to labor, so having a professional contractor handle the job pays. you can install the vanity with a top or without a top. A 35-45 inch vanity with a built-in sink costs about $300-$600, and when it comes with a top, you don’t need to install a countertop later on.


Because cost is essential, flooring is among the fixtures that cannot be replaced but refurbished. The floor in a bathroom has more practical advantages than aesthetics. You can get a simple and practical new tile or polish the old one to give it a fresh new look. A new tile will cost about $250 to $500 for 100 square feet. It fits nicely into the $5000 budget. Your tile can be plain colored or have a neutral look that suits the bathroom.


A countertop gives the bathroom an excellent upgrade. You can easily store your products and cosmetics. If you get a vanity without a top, a countertop is a wonderful addition to your bathroom. The countertop will fit just right for your budget at the cost of $200 to $800. You can also decide to repaint or polish your old countertop to give it a fresh, beautiful look.

remodel a bathroom for 5000 cosmetics


The next significant investment in your bathroom renovation is toilet renovation. On average, a toilet replacement with a Kohler Highline Curve White Round Toilet costs about $200. The contractor might find a better price so you can spend way less but still achieve a fresh new look. Also, keep in mind to choose easy-to-maintain toilet materials and sleek hardware to give it a marvelous finish.

How hard is it to replace a tub?

Replacing a tub is an extremely tasking job. It takes a lot of labor and time. It might take a whole day or two for the entire task to be completed especially if you need to make an opening in the wall to remove the old tub. Then, you’ll need a professional plumber to remove and install the new tub and make tub connections. You may also need help reinstalling the old tub if you removed it for maintenance purposes.

How much should a shower remodel cost?

On average, a shower renovation project has a budget of $4000 if it includes a luxury walk-in, bath, and spa combo. Compared to the average cost reported by HomeAdvisor, which was $4131, there are more economical choices spanning over $300 to $4000. In addition, you can get a premade DIY kit. Depending on your preference and the materials and labor costs, you should get the most convenient budget.

remodel a bathroom for 5000 combo

What is the average cost of replacing a bathtub with a walk-in shower?

You will spend an average of $1,200 to $3000 plus installation on converting a bathtub to a walk-in shower. The conversion includes; removing the old bathtub, cleaning up the debris, installing the shower seating and custom shower wall, and getting a plumber to install the faucet and drains. All in all, the installation gives a brighter and more delightful look to your bathroom. In addition, the price varies depending on whether you opt for a custom or single-piece design.

How much does a bathroom remodel increase home value?

You can watch your ideas come to life with a bathroom renovation. It changes the outlook of an entire house. According to the National Association of Homebuilders, renovating your bathroom increases your home value by 10 to 20%. In addition, if you are looking to resell after renovating, you will sell for about 10$ more than you bought it. The factors influencing the value include; the new look and aesthetics, the budget for the renovation, and how guests and future owners that visit you will enjoy the bathroom.

Are our bathroom renovations worth it?

A sign that your bathroom renovation was worth it is the feeling you get after successfully completing the renovation project. The wall paint, the new shower, vanity, countertop, and every aspect come together in the project and leave you feeling satisfied and fulfilled. You will enjoy the first use after renovations for sure.

How much do walk-in tubs cost?

Models of walk-in tubs cost about $2000 for an ordinary soaker to $22,000 for a two-person bathtub. There are unique models, such as a bariatric or combination water tub which cost $20,000 or higher. So, whatever your budget is, you can always find the right price for a walk-in tub.

How long does a master bath remodel take?

According to remodeling experts and contractors, a small space bathroom remodel will take about three weeks. Larger sizes are estimated to take about three to seven weeks of work.

The project’s speed primarily depends on the number of fixtures to be remodeled, the state of the bathroom before the remodel, and how fast the contractor company works.

After contacting the business, next up is drawing up plans and getting the project information. This takes about a week or less. You might choose to do the renovation yourself, and the first thing would be to buy materials.

Afterward, the workers and plumbers get to work and enhance the old bathroom. The entire project will take three to seven weeks.

What is a realistic budget for a bathroom remodel?

A realistic budget to get a new bathroom installed is about $3,500- $75,000. Nevertheless, you should know the price is very low. Usually, they cost even more. The renovation covers the cost of the materials, the labor, and all other minor expenses. here is a complete breakdown of the budget.

  • Vanity and sink: $300
  • Countertop: $200-800
  • Toilet: $200-$1000
  • Flooring: $250-500
  • Bathtub and shower: $800
  • Paint: $30-$60
  • Plumbing: $250-$1750

It all sums up to just about $5,000 comfortably. So, reiterating back to the initial question, yes, you can remodel a bathroom for 5000 dollars or less.

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    Complete remodel, we decided on a walk-in shower since we both like showers more than baths and managed to easily fit it under 5k. Having a moodboard helped a lot since we knew what color scheme we were going for so we didn’t buy conflicting elements that had to be returned or changed afterwards.

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    I have a 5-6k budget and it’s a make it or break it kind of deal since I can’t go over it now, especially since I started working from home. This was very helpful, I had no idea what to expect.

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