When is the best time to remodel kitchen? [2023]

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When is the best time to remodel kitchen? Fall is the best time to remodel kitchen. Not only can you find discounts on materials and labor, but you may also be able to find discounted materials as stores try to clear out inventory for the winter.

what is best time to remodel kitchen

Additionally, fewer people are remodeling in the fall so contractors may be more available and able to start your project sooner than during the busy spring or summer. With careful planning, you can have your kitchen remodeling project finished before the holidays and enjoy the results for many years to come.

Key points when to remodel your kitchen

Whether you’re looking to update your kitchen for aesthetic reasons or for increased functionality, here are the key points. These key ideas ensure you end up with the kitchen of your dreams. So, let’s get started!

Best times to buy kitchen cabinets are during off-season (October-March), major sales events (Black Friday, Cyber Monday), and end of calendar year.

Remodeling a kitchen can add 65-80% of the remodel’s value to your home. The best time for kitchen remodel id 2-3 years before selling your home.

Kitchen remodeling should be done every 10-15 years depending on the condition, budget, and personal preference.

Energy Efficiency: When remodeling your kitchen, consider energy efficient appliances and systems to reduce utility costs and have a more environmentally friendly space.

Functionality: It’s important to consider the functional layout and flow of the space to improve usability and increase efficiency in food preparation and meal storage.

The best time to remodel kitchens depends

Fall is the “best” time to remodel a kitchen. Still, the decision will ultimately depend on factors like budget, the availability of contractors, and your personal schedule. However, there are a few key considerations that can help you determine the best time for your kitchen remodel.

One important factor to consider is the availability of contractors and other professionals who can help with your remodel. In general, the busiest times for contractors are during the spring and summer months, when homeowners are most likely to embark on home improvement projects. This means that you may have to wait longer for contractors to become available if you plan to remodel during these times.

when is the best time to remodel kitchen consider

Another factor to consider is your budget. How much you spend when you remodel your kitchen can vary depending on the scope of the project and the materials used, but on average, a kitchen remodel can cost between $12,500 and $33,000, according to recent data. If you are working with a limited budget, you may want to consider remodeling during the off-season, when contractors may be more likely to offer discounts or promotions.

Also, taking on kitchen renovations during a whole home improvement project would help you save on a remodeling budget.

You should also consider your personal schedule when deciding on the best time for a kitchen remodel. A kitchen remodel can be a major undertaking, and it may involve disruptions to your daily routine, such as limited access to your kitchen or the need to find temporary storage for your kitchen items. It is important to choose a time that is convenient for you and your family and that allows you to continue your daily routine with as little disruption as possible.

Overall, the best time to remodel a kitchen will depend on a variety of factors, including your budget, the availability of contractors, and your personal schedule. By considering these factors, you can determine the best time for your kitchen remodel and ensure that the project is completed smoothly and successfully.

When do people search for a kitchen remodel?

When do people search for a kitchen remodel topics? Over the last 19 years, the interest in kitchen remodel topics has shown this trend in Google search. This suggests that the best time to remodel is at the end of the year.

However, you might want to finish the project for Thanksgiving dinner. So, plan accordingly. Ask for offers in April and May. Plan the work to September through November

best time to remodel kitchen

What time of the year are most people remodeling kitchens?

The busiest times for kitchen remodels are typical during the spring and summer. This is because many homeowners prefer to undertake home improvement projects during the warmer months, when the weather is more conducive to construction and when they are more likely to be able to spend time outdoors.

The spring and summer are also when many homeowners are preparing to put their houses on the market, and a kitchen remodel can be a great way to increase the value of a home and make it more appealing to potential buyers.

While there is no one “best” time to remodel a kitchen, the spring and summer months are typically when most people choose to undertake this type of project. This means if you start your kitchen remodeling project later in the year, you may get lower prices from experienced contractors.

Fall Kitchen Renovations


1. Lower Costs: Remodeling a kitchen in the fall can be more affordable than during other times of the year. With fewer people remodeling in the fall, contractors may be more willing to offer discounts on materials and labor.

when is the best time to remodel year

2. Autumn could also be the best time to remodel as materials like tile may be discounted as stores try to clear out inventory for the winter.

3. Fewer Delays: With fewer people remodeling in the fall, contractors may be more available and able to start your project sooner than during the busy spring or summer. This can help you get your kitchen remodeling project finished before the holidays.


1. Cold Weather: Cold weather can be a challenge when remodeling a kitchen in the fall. Because of this, some projects may take longer to complete and may require additional insulation to make sure your kitchen is comfortable and energy-efficient.

2. Supply Challenges: With fewer people remodeling in the fall, you may have more difficulty finding certain materials due to limited availability. Additionally, some contractors may be more difficult to book in the fall, so it’s important to plan ahead if you’re considering a kitchen remodel.

Pros of winter kitchen remodeling projects

1. Winter is a great time for a kitchen remodeling project because it is typically the slowest season for contractors. This means you can usually get better rates and more availability from them.

2. Winter weather means you won’t have to worry about hot or humid conditions during winter renovations while the indoor job is underway.

when is the best time to remodel kitchen winter

3. Since winter is a slower season for contractors, you may be able to find better deals on materials and labor costs.

4. Winter is a great time to focus on indoor projects as it will keep you busy and distracted from the cold winter weather.

Cons of winter remodel projects

1. Winter weather can be unpredictable and could cause delays in the project if it is too cold or snowy. For example, replacing windows needs more planning ahead.

2. Some materials may not be available during the winter months due to seasonal availability.

3. Winter temperatures can be too cold to work with certain materials, which could cause delays in the project. But you don’t have to worry about that during indoor work.

4. Winter holidays is a busy time of year for many people, meaning it may be difficult to find the time to work on the project.

Summer Renovations


1. Better Weather: Summertime is typically a good time for outdoor and indoor remodeling projects as the weather is generally favorable. The warmer temperatures make it easier to work outdoors and the longer days allow contractors to get more done.

2. Access to Contractors: Summer is often the busiest time of year for contractors, so it’s easier to find someone to do the job quickly and efficiently. Many contractors also run special promotions and discounts during the summer to attract customers.

3. Lower Cost of Materials: Many home-improvement stores offer discounts on materials during the summer. This can help offset the cost of remodeling and make the project more affordable.

4. Improved Efficiency: Summer is a great time to remodel the kitchen because it’s typically the warmest part of the year. This can help speed up the remodel process, as the kitchen will be a more comfortable workspace for contractors.


1. Increased Risk of Accidents: Working in hot weather can increase the risk of dehydration, heat exhaustion, and other heat-related illnesses. Contractors may also be more prone to accidents due to the higher temperatures.

2. Increased Disruptions: The renovation process can be disruptive, and summer is no exception. The noise and dust from the project can be especially disruptive in the summer when people are trying to enjoy the nice weather and summer vacations.

3. Higher Cost of Labor: Contractors typically charge more money for labor during the summer due to the high demand, vacations, and holiday season. The busy season can make the overall cost of the project more expensive.

4. Longer Completion Time: The warmer temperatures mean that the project is more likely to take longer to complete. This can be especially true if the contractor is working in hot, uncomfortable conditions.

Spring Renovations


1. Increased Home Value: Remodeling your kitchen in the spring can help to increase the value of your home. This is especially true if you are planning a major renovation that includes modernizing the kitchen with new appliances and fixtures. This can help to make your home more desirable to potential buyers.

2. Improved Comfort: Remodeling your kitchen in the spring can also help to improve your comfort level. By making upgrades to your kitchen, such as replacing outdated cabinets and countertops, you can make your kitchen more comfortable to use.

3. Better Use of Space: Remodeling your kitchen in the spring can help to make better use of the space in your kitchen. You can add features such as extra storage or counter space, or change the layout of the room to make it more functional.

4. Improved Aesthetics: Remodeling your kitchen in the spring can also improve its aesthetics. By adding new colors, textures, or materials to the kitchen, you can make it look more attractive and inviting.


1. Expensive: Kitchen remodeling projects can be expensive. It may be necessary to hire a contractor or architect to help with the project, which can add to the cost. Additionally, you may need to purchase new appliances and fixtures, which can be costly.

2. Time Consuming: Kitchen remodeling projects can also be time-consuming. Depending on the scope of the project, it could take several weeks or months to complete. This can be a problem if you have a busy lifestyle or need to use the kitchen during the remodeling process.

3. Potential Damage: Remodeling your kitchen in the spring can also cause potential damage to the existing structure. If you are not careful, you could end up damaging the walls, floors, or other features of the kitchen.

4. Unforeseen Problems: Remodeling your kitchen in the spring can also lead to unforeseen problems. For example, if you are adding new features or expanding the kitchen, you may uncover issues with the underlying structure. This can lead to additional costs and delays in the project.

How long does it take to renovate a kitchen?

The amount of time it takes to renovate a kitchen can vary greatly depending on the project’s scope. Simple kitchen renovations, such as replacing counters, cabinets, and appliances, it can take a few weeks (anywhere from 1-3 weeks).

If a more extensive kitchen renovation is needed, such as replacing floors, walls, and plumbing, it can take up to six weeks or more. Additionally, the size of the kitchen, the complexity of the project, the availability of materials, skilled workers, and contractor availability can all affect the timeline for completion.

Product Lead Times

As you plan your kitchen remodel project, it’s important to consider the product lead times for the items you need to order. Lead time is the amount of time from when you place an order for a product until you receive it. For example, custom-made cabinets may have a longer lead time than pre-manufactured ones, while readily available finishes and fixtures may have a shorter lead time.

when is the best time to remodel kitchen order

When you’re calculating your budget and timeline for the kitchen remodel project, you need to factor in the lead times for all of the products you plan to order. Plan ahead and place your orders well in advance so that you have everything you need when it’s time to start the renovation.

Consider the average time it takes for each item to arrive and add some buffer time. This will help ensure that your project stays on track and you don’t encounter any delays or unexpected costs due to long lead times. By considering the product lead times and working with your contractor, you can create a plan for a successful kitchen remodel.

What should be considered before remodeling your kitchen?

Before remodeling your kitchen, there are many things to consider. First, you must decide on a budget for the project. This will help you determine what types of materials and appliances you can afford and the amount of labor it will take to complete the task. You should also think about the kitchen layout and how you want to use the space. This will help you decide what type of cabinetry and countertops you need, and other necessary fixtures.

In addition, you should consider the overall style of the kitchen and how it fits in with the rest of your home. You may want to keep the same color palette for a uniform look, or you may want to mix and match different styles to create a unique look. This will help you plan the lighting and flooring of the area.

You should also think about how often you will use the kitchen and plan accordingly. If you plan to cook often, you may want to incorporate a large center island and a separate food prep area. If you don’t cook often, you may want to prioritize storage space so you can keep all of your supplies organized.

You should consider the materials you will use for the remodel. This includes things like countertops, cabinets, and floors. If you plan on spending a lot of time in the kitchen, you may want to invest in higher-quality materials that will last longer. If you plan on selling the home in the near future, you may want to opt for more affordable options.

What should you not do in a kitchen remodel?

1. Don’t skimp on materials: When it comes to kitchen remodels, it’s important to invest in quality materials that will last. Cheap materials may save money in the short term, but they won’t hold up and may require more maintenance and more frequent repairs.

2. Don’t overlook ventilation: Poor ventilation can lead to mold, mildew, and other indoor air quality issues. Make sure you have an adequate ventilation system that will be able to handle the cooking and humidity in the kitchen.

3. Don’t forget about electrical: Electrical issues can be a major problem in a kitchen remodel. Make sure you hire a qualified electrician to handle any wiring work and ensure all electrical components are up to code.

4. Don’t ignore safety: Kitchen remodels require a lot of hard labor, so make sure you take the necessary safety precautions. Wear protective clothing and make sure you have the necessary tools and equipment to complete the job safely.

5. Don’t forget about aesthetics: Pay close attention to the kitchen’s aesthetics. Make sure all the colors, textures, and materials work together to create a beautiful and cohesive design.

6. Don’t forget about storage: Having adequate storage space is a must in a kitchen remodel. Consider adding in extra cabinets, drawers, and shelves to help keep everything organized and out of the way.

7. Don’t forget about lighting: Lighting is an important factor when you remodel your kitchen. Make sure you have the right amount of lighting so you can properly view your food and ingredients while cooking. Also make sure you have enough natural light.

8. Don’t overlook plumbing: Make sure you hire a qualified plumber to handle any plumbing issues. Poor plumbing can lead to costly repairs and water damage.

9. Don’t skimp on insulation: Insulation is key to a successful kitchen remodel. Make sure you have adequate insulation to keep the temperature consistent and to reduce energy bills.

10. Don’t ignore maintenance: Once the kitchen remodel is complete, ensure you’re performing regular maintenance, like cleaning and checking for any signs of damage. This will help to ensure that your kitchen remains in good condition for years to come.

Deals, discounts, seasons, special offers, upgrades stretch your budget

Seasons with deals and discounts are a great way to stretch your renovation budget. Whether you’re shopping for furniture, flooring, appliances, or other home improvement items, there are often special offers, discounts, and upgrades available during certain times of the year.

One of the best times to find deals and discounts is during the holiday season. Many stores will offer special sales during Black Friday and the days leading up to Christmas. Often, all sorts of items are discounted, from furniture to appliances. Additionally, many stores will offer special upgrades to certain items, such as an extended warranty or free installation. If you’re looking to replace a large appliance or purchase a set of furniture, you may be able to find a great deal.

Another time to look for deals and discounts is around the end of the summer. Many stores will be preparing for the fall and winter months, and they may be willing to discount current stock that they need to clear out. For example, you may be able to find discounted outdoor furniture or patio decor. Additionally, stores may offer free delivery or installation services around this time of the year.

The slow season at the beginning of the year is often the best season to find deals and discounts. Many stores will offer discounts on large appliances, such as refrigerators or washers and dryers. Additionally, you may be able to find deals and discounts on furniture or flooring.

Overall, seasons with deals and discounts are the perfect time to upgrade your home without breaking the bank. By taking advantage of special offers, discounts, and upgrades, you can stretch your renovation budget and get more for your money.

What’s the best time to buy kitchen cabinets?

There are a few key times of the year when you may be able to find the best deals on kitchen cabinets.

One of the best times to buy kitchen cabinets is during the off-season, which is typically from October to March. During this time, cabinet makers and retailers may be more likely to offer discounts and promotions in order to clear out their inventory and make room for new products.

Another good time to buy kitchen cabinets is during major sales events, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Many retailers offer significant discounts on kitchen cabinets and other home improvement products during these sales, which can be a great opportunity to save money on your kitchen remodel.

Finally, if you are able to be flexible with your schedule, you may be able to find good deals on kitchen cabinets by purchasing them at the end of a calendar year. Many retailers and cabinet makers offer discounts on their remaining inventory at the end of the year, which can be a great way to save money on your kitchen cabinets. By being flexible and keeping an eye out for deals and promotions, you can find the right cabinets for your kitchen at a price that fits your budget.

Is remodeling a kitchen worth it?

Remodeling a kitchen can will not return all the money if you want to sell your home. The remodeled kitchen can ad 65 to 80 percent of the value of the new kitchen to your selling price. This means you will lose money.

The best investment would be to be to remodel your kitchen 2 to 3 years before you sell. This will add 65-80% value of your home and you will capture the other 20 to 35% of the value as it makes it more enjoyable for you to cook and entertain in.

If you plan on staying in your home for a long time and want to enjoy the benefits of an updated kitchen, remodeling is definitely worth it.

How often should you take on a kitchen remodeling project?

In general, kitchen remodeling should be done every 10 to 15 years. However, this time frame can vary depending on the factors below:

Budget, the condition of the kitchen, and personal preference. If the kitchen is in poor condition and needs substantial repairs, then it may be necessary to remodel it more frequently. If the kitchen is in good condition, then it can be remodeled less often.

The budget should also be considered when determining the frequency of kitchen remodeling projects. If the budget allows for frequent remodeling, then the kitchen can be remodeled more often. If the budget is limited, then kitchen remodeling should be done less often.

Your personal preference should be taken into account when determining the frequency of kitchen remodeling projects. If you prefer frequent changes and updates, then you can remodel the kitchen more often. If you have a more timeless look, then you don’t have to remodel as often.

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