High arc vs low arc kitchen faucet [2023]

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Modern kitchen faucets come in high arc vs low arc kitchen faucet formats. A high arc faucet (also called a gooseneck faucet) is more appropriate for washing large pans or heavier dishes in your sink.

high arc vs low arc kitchen faucet

Here are some key points to consider when choosing between a high arc and low arc kitchen faucet:

  1. Measure for the correct size and reach: To ensure your faucet fits well with your sink, you’ll need to measure the center of your sink to the mounting hole’s center, and from the center of the mounting hole to determine the maximum overall height.
  2. Consider the size of your sink: A high arc faucet is more appropriate for washing large pans or heavier dishes, while a low arc faucet is better for smaller sinks or if you don’t want the faucet to dominate the design of your kitchen.
  3. Arc and Spray Hoses: High arc faucets offer more clearance and are better for washing larger items, while low-arc faucets are more discreet and appropriate for smaller sinks or spaces.
  4. Modern Design: High arc faucets are more popular and are great for filling large pots, while low-arc faucets are more subtle and work well with smaller sinks.
  5. Water and Temperature Control: High arc faucets have separate knobs for cold and hot water control, while low-arc faucets are typically found on busy sinks in public and commercial spaces.

It’s a big thing in the kitchen world. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you must consider the size before considering what style you want to purchase in order for it to work well with your kitchen design.

Measuring for Kitchen Faucet Size and Reach

Making sure the faucet fits is the first step in choosing the ideal one for your kitchen sink. Grab a tape measure and follow these simple instructions to determine the correct size for your sink. Accurately measuring can make a huge difference in your kitchen layout and overall design.

Existing kitchen taps may need to be expanded or completely covered up. Some models can even be wall-mounted if your plumbing allows it. You can modify kitchen taps for different configurations with mounting plates or extra accessories. Check under the sink for a better view of the mounting plate on your old faucet.

Take measurements of the center between the far-left and far-right holes if your current mounting arrangement has more than one hole. When compared against measurements listed under your faucet’s specifications, the width should equal or be more than the “Minimum Faucet Centers” measurements.

Measure the distance from your sink’s center to the mounting hole’s center. This distance will guarantee that even if your installation holes are placed further from the sink edge, they will still reach the center of the sink. Measure north from the center mounting hole to determine the maximum overall height.

Why Does Size Matter?

Washing larger dishes, pots and pans, and other items can be extremely challenging if your kitchen faucet is too small. Simply put, these items won’t fit underneath a small sink or hand sink comfortably.

If your kitchen faucet is too small, you risk splashing water everywhere you go. If it’s too big, your backsplash will obstruct the handle and prevent you from fully opening it. The head’s position can also cause problems if you place it too far back or forward. This placement can make using your sink difficult and cause a sizable water displacement.

Sink size matters in how cohesively your modern design factors in. A small sink or a large sink, there’s bound to be a kitchen faucet type that can perfectly complement your sink area and sink size. While you’re at it, it would be smart to keep your sink materials in consideration.

Arc and Spray Hoses

You can choose from high arc faucet or low arc faucet models. The arc is the spout and curve relative to the sink plane height. Generally speaking, the faucet reach is closely related to this measurement. Oversized items are much easier to clean with a high arc faucet, but if placed in front of a window, it may obstruct the view. On the other hand, low-arc models provide less clearance but are more covert and discreet.

high arc vs low arc kitchen faucet spout

Large Pans

Professional chefs or people who cook a lot prefer the high arc faucet. This preference is primarily because a high arc faucet offers a larger sink area. High arc faucets, also referred to as a high-neck or gooseneck faucets, have more space in your sink to wash large pans or heaps of dishes.

Although low-arc faucets may not be the professionals’ first choice, they have their uses. A low-arc faucet might match your sink better if you don’t have a commercially high-traffic kitchen or if you don’t want an extra spacious one. It is worth mentioning though that high arc faucets are more popular.

Modern Design

Low-arc faucets typically rise at a 45-degree angle and are 8 inches from the deck. These faucets are perfect for people who don’t frequently wash bulky items or don’t want the faucet to dominate their kitchen decor. They are appropriate for sinks and small spaces.

A high arc faucet design is more popular than a low-arc one because of its additional height for filling large pots and moving the tap from one sink bowl to another.

Low Arc vs High Arc Faucet: Finishing Touches

High arc faucets with nickel coatings, also referred to as stainless steel, are highly durable, but they, like chrome, show water stains and fingerprints if not cleaned frequently. Additionally, becoming more popular are matte-black faucet finishes, which complement almost any kitchen theme.

high arc vs low arc kitchen faucet cleaned

The most resilient and long-lasting finish for low-arc faucets is chrome, though it might not always go with your design scheme. Avoid glossy finishes and other shiny surfaces if you get annoyed by fingerprints and watermarks.

Low Arc vs High Arc: Water and Temperature Control

High arc faucets modify the water’s temperature before it leaves the spout. The most popular option is the traditional shape with separate knobs for cold and hot water control. Low-arc spouts have short spouts located close to the sink. They are frequently found on busy sinks in public and commercial spaces.

Faucets are made of ceramic, brass, nickel, chrome, stainless steel, and other materials. Temperature control valves and thermostatic mixing valves are used in high arc faucets. The most popular option is the traditional shape with separate knobs for cold and hot water control.

Kitchen Faucet Spout Types

Bridge faucets typically go well with more traditional interior design. As the number of holes needed can vary greatly depending on the type of bridge, be sure to check.

Pull-down and pull-out faucets let you select from several spray patterns by pressing a button, and are oftentimes equipped with a separate sink sprayer. The spout can be extended from the faucet and retracted into the handle with a strong hose. Usually, a spring-activated mechanism or a magnetic docking system can make this design possible.

Gooseneck faucets or high arc faucets are available in various sizes and shapes. They are the best option for washing big pots and filling large containers. Several décor styles benefit from the elegance that these faucets bring. It’s no wonder that the high arc tap is much preferred.

Height to Spout

A faucet’s height to spout is the deck to the aerator or the deck to the top of the faucet. No matter what, ensure the faucet you choose has an appropriate height for the objects you’ll be filling or washing in the basin.

high arc vs low arc kitchen faucet busy

Tall pots will fit under the faucet spout more quickly the higher it is, doing cleaning or filling tall pots easier. However, a tall faucet might not be practical if your sink is above a shelf, cabinet, or window ledge.

How Many Holes Do I Need?

There are a few basic rules of thumb when figuring out how many holes you need.

Typically, three holes are needed for a kitchen spout with two distinct handles on either side. You need two holes for a single separate handle kitchen tap. You only need one hole for one with a single, cohesive handle. A separate hole is a requirement for extra features, such as a side sprayer for the soap dispenser or a dispenser for hot or cold water.

Can I Add Holes to My Sink?

Some lighter-weight sinks have stamps installed on them that enable you to drill the required number of holes. However, it’s crucial to exercise caution when drilling additional holes in sinks that aren’t made for them.

It would be best to be cautious when drilling new holes in pre-existing countertops for deck-mounted faucets. Having the countertop’s holes drilled is always preferable before you put it in place.

Select a Kitchen Faucet Style That Fits Your Kitchen Décor

You can begin considering styles once you know the size and number of holes you must work with on your sink. Kitchen sink faucets (both high arc and low arc) are available in various styles, just like any other component of home improvement. These consist of the following:

  •              Traditional
  •              Transitional
  •              Contemporary or modern
  •              Farmhouse
  •              Industrial

Choose Your Kitchen Sink Faucet Mount

There are already holes in the faucets in many kitchen sinks on the market. You need to be aware of your options if you are merely replacing an old faucet or if your sink already has holes drilled into it.

high arc vs low arc kitchen faucet drilled

However, if you haven’t yet bought a sink, you have more flexibility to remodel or build your kitchen. Alternatively, you might install brand-new countertops with an under-mount sink, so you won’t have to worry about the number of holes.

Clearance to Backsplash

Check the product specifications because there is a minimum recommended clearance for backsplash measurement. Make sure a handle that needs to extend that far can fit in the space you have behind your sink. On the other hand, you can hunt down faucets with only a forward-moving motion. By doing this, you can eliminate any potential backsplash interference.

Sprayer Function

Some designs of faucets allow for both long and short reaches by having high arc faucet and low arc faucet options. Think about the aesthetic considerations rather than the numbers when making a choice.

Because the spray is closer to the sink basin with low-arc faucets, you will spill less water on your surfaces. If your faucet has a low neck, you may opt for a sink sprayer on tall pots and pans. A typical faucet spout has a downward arc between 3 and 5 inches tall.

Pull Down

With the push of a button, pull-down and pull-out faucets offer a variety of spray patterns. This function is particularly helpful in washing pots and pans. The spout extends from the tap and can retract back in with the aid of a strong hose. Typically, this design is made possible by a magnetic docking system or a spring-activated mechanism.

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