Kitchen cabinets what color paint goes with brown granite? [2023]

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Kitchen cabinets: What color paint goes with brown granite? Let’s find out! – The color of your kitchen countertops affects the entire look of your kitchen. Since brown is not the most common color for granite in today’s kitchen designs, you might wonder what colors can pair well with the finish. Should you go light, dark, or settle for a tone-on-tone solution? Brown is a good option for your kitchen granite as it gives your décor a comfortable, earthy tone.

kitchen cabinets what color paint goes with brown granite

Brown granite countertops can be a beautiful addition to your kitchen, but it’s important to choose the right color paint and décor to complement them. Here are the key points to keep in mind:

  1. Stick with neutral or softer hues for kitchen walls when working with brown granite counters.
  2. White is the best color paint that goes with the brown countertop, but you can also experiment with yellow, orange, red, or some light hue if you want a bolder look.
  3. Brown granite patterns vary from light flecks to strong veins and larger blotches, and there are several finishes to choose from, including polished, leathered, honed, and flamed.
  4. Some of the popular brown granite kitchen countertops include Chestnut or Tan Brown Granite, Tropical Brown Granite, Coffee Brown Granite, Desert Brown Granite, and Antique Brown Granite.
  5. Cabinet colors: White kitchen cabinetry is a good choice to pair with brown granite countertops, but you can also opt for black, grey, or brown cabinets for a richer look.
  6. Beige and gray wall colors can pair well with a brown granite kitchen countertop, and you can also consider blue if you want a bolder look.
  7. Choose a complementary backsplash color and hardware finish to complete the look of your brown granite countertops.

When working with a brown granite counter, sticking with a neutral or softer hue for kitchen walls is ideal. A few of the wall color paint choices we recommend include: white, brown, grey, beige, and blue. The best color paint that goes with brown granite is white. However, depending on your taste and boldness, you can experiment with yellow, orange, or red. But, avoid going overboard with colors that would take away your granite countertops from being the center of attraction in both the bathroom and kitchen.

Whether you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or give it a fresh coat of paint, we are here to offer you some help. This article will cover brown granite countertops, what color paint goes with brown counters and the best color paint for kitchen cabinets with granite countertops. Let’s dive in.

What Kinds of Brown Countertops Are Available?

Brown is a primal color that represents the ancient qualities of our planet. Decorating your kitchen with earthy tones like brown gives your home a safe and grounded feeling. Granite patterns vary from light flecks to strong veins and larger blotches. The most common finishes for granite countertops you can choose from include:

  • Polished: This standard finish gives the granite a glossy look and smooth feel.
  • Leathered: this modern trend finish features small dimples and texture.
  • Honed: it’s a matte finish with a bit of buffing.
  • Flamed: this finish creates a beautiful marbled sheen on granite.

Countertops can have different edges depending on your style. Luckily, granite is one of the materials you can cut to customize the edges. For a clean-lined and more popular design, go for straight or eased edges, as it looks perfect on most granites. Other granite countertop edge options include beveled edge, pencil (quarter round) edge, bullnose, double bevel, square edge, and ogee edge. Your choice edge should match and enhance the style of your home and your brown granite piece.

kitchen cabinets what color paint goes with brown granite customize

There is a wide range of brown granites, from terra cotta to dark chocolate. Some of the popular brown countertops include:

Chestnut or Tan Brown Granite

Tan brown granite primarily consists of brown with gray and black dots. You can also find the chestnut granite added with bits of whites. Working with white cabinets and light walls can make this tan brown granite feel modern and classy.

Tropical Brown Granite

Tropical brown granite originates from Saudi Arabia and features a golden brown texture with a tan and black pattern. It can have a coarse or smooth surface, depending on your choice. The tropical brown granite is best suited for light cabinetry and walls for a contrasted look.

Coffee Brown Granite

kitchen cabinets what color paint goes with brown granite chocolate

This granite features a reddish-brown and chocolate background. Some coffee brown granite can have black and light gray crystals. The coffee brown granite countertops work well with white or light-colored cabinetry and walls in both the bathroom and kitchen.

Desert Brown Granite

This natural stone is mainly mined in India and has neutral earthy black, beige, and brown tones. It’s a durable granite that can complete the look of your kitchen when used on countertops with darker cabinets or lighter cabinets and walls.

Antique Brown Granite

This granite is chocolate-colored, featuring blue and platinum clusters. The granite adds texture and depth to kitchen spaces and offers a warm, natural appearance.

kitchen cabinets what color paint goes with brown granite natural

Will White Cabinets Be a Good Choice?

White kitchen cabinetry goes with brown granite countertops. Popular with classic designs and provincial-styled houses, the combination bestows an earthy ambiance in your space. If you like the idea of white cabinets, try to match your paint with the lightest shade of white paint you can find in the granite. In so doing, you get to choose a color paint that will easily blend with your granite countertop; hence your kitchen will achieve a white look while not looking too stark in contrast.

White and brown colors give any kitchen style a simple yet elegant look. White color cabinets complement the brown on granite counters to provide a warm and rustic appearance. White cabinetry goes well with brown granite.

If you don’t like white cabinet color, you can opt for red cabinets that also go with brown granite countertops. Richer cabinetry like black, grey, or brown cabinets goes with brown countertops.

Beige Paint Colors

Beige and brown colors tend to have warmer undertones, which can pair well in your kitchen. A soft beige wall, black cabinets, and a brown granite countertop make your kitchen feel brighter. Depending on your kitchen’s design, you might want to go up or down a shade on the beige paint to give your space a lighter and intimate vibe. For the best shades of beige color, you can trust the Sherwin Williams brand to give your kitchen walls a superior look.

Gray Color

Gray walls go with brown granite kitchen countertops. Although brown and gray don’t share a common aesthetic, the cooler undertones found in the granite allow your space to merge the two without making things feel off. Pairing bright white cabinetry and a backsplash that complements the gray and brown on the granite will give you a smooth transition from the brown counters to gray walls.

Blue Paint Color on Your Kitchen Walls

Another wall color idea that can pair well with brown granite countertops is blue. The best guide to selecting a wall paint color that works with your brown granite is going with either a light or neutral hue. If you love being bold, you can have fun with a blue kitchen wall.

However, you should go for a softer blue wall color paint to prevent a wild look that would take the attention away from your brown granite countertops. Avoid navy blue and darker hues of blue on your walls if you want a light look in your kitchen. Benjamin Moore paint brands offer a variety of light hues of blues suitable for your kitchen walls.

Brown Wall and Brown Counters? Why Not?

Like the all-white rooms we’re used to on Instagram, an all-brown color idea is possible. Brown can be a neutral color when utilized correctly. The trick is to use different textures and shades of brown where appropriate. Using layered textures, colors, patterns, and sheened browns can exceed your expectations.

Brown walls, wood cabinets, and countertops can give your room comfort and a humble, confident vibe. For example, you can opt for a tan brown granite, a coffee brown backsplash, and a warmer tone of brown wall. Since the brown paint color works with everything, it warms up the room without shouting for attention. To prevent your kitchen from appearing a bit darker, have sufficient lighting.

Will My Kitchen Look Old-Fashioned with Brown Granite Countertops?

Granite countertops are timeless. However, brown granite countertops can give your kitchen a traditional or old-fashioned look if not paired with the right paint color on the walls, cabinets, or backsplash. The key to modernizing your brown countertops is accompanying them with the right décor.

Since granite countertops serve as the visual centerpiece in a room, if you notice your brown granite is giving off an old-school look, you can fix that problem. Since there is no way you can change your brown granite, here are a few tips to help modernize your kitchen.

Opt for bright white cabinetry: since white paint doesn’t run out of style, the easiest way to give your kitchen a sleek and modern finish is to paint your cabinets white. Apart from light cabinets, consider neutral white walls.

Choose a neutral-colored backsplash tile to complement the countertop. Use a subway tile in a neutral tone like off-white, greige, or ivory. Avoid a colored tile, as it will enhance the granite’s loudness.

Go with dark paint color to balance out the brown in the granite. For instance, if your countertops are of Baltic brown granite, you can use lighter shades of blue-gray on your kitchen cabinets and a white wall to give your space a neutral-colored warm, and intentional look.

Keep your flooring simple. Natural woods, laminate, or wood-look tiles can be a good floor option that can blend well with brown granite. You can also opt for a neutral, solid, light-colored tile.

How Do I Choose a Backsplash with Brown Granite Countertops?

Backsplashes act as a kitchen backdrop. To do that, you need to consider color, material, and durability. If you have brown granite countertops, settle for a neutral-colored backsplash to complement the granite. The key to making your backsplash work with the granite countertop is balance. Granite is a natural stone with a natural texture consisting of crystals, flecks, and pebbles. Hence, your backsplash should harmonize but not clash with the granite’s surface.

kitchen cabinets what color paint goes with brown granite backsplash

Here are some backsplash ideas you can explore:

  1. Subway tiles to balance the traditional granite look: these tiles give a modern and polished appeal, making your kitchen appear more structured. Go for tiles in different patterns or have them custom-made in different colors. Also, go for a glossy or flat finish that is easy to clean.
  2. Similar brown granite to achieve uniformity: install a brown granite backsplash to achieve a seamless flow of material and color. The continuity from the countertop to the backsplash gives an elegant look. Just ensure you use the identical slabs to avoid a chaotic pattern.
  3. Go bold with a dark-colored backsplash. The contrast created by the dark and brown colors adds structure to the kitchen, giving it a darker but elegant look. Dark backsplashes are high maintenance and require regular cleaning since they show water stains more easily. A mixed stone backsplash with dark-colored and lighter brown pebbles can achieve a classic look for your kitchen.
  4. Cool-toned ceramic tiles: cooler undertones like green, grey, or beige backsplash can look good against brown granite. They add a pop of color without being visually overwhelming, bringing out the warmth of darker granite. Ceramic tiles are low-maintenance and durable hence a perfect choice for a practical and valuable look.

What Color Hardware Should I Use for Brown Granite Countertops?

Most cabinets don’t come with hardware; hence you’re faced with choosing the perfect hardware combination. Since you want to achieve a balanced look in your kitchen, selecting knobs or pulls for your cabinets is vital. You can choose depending on your kitchen’s style, countertops, and cabinet color.

Consider hardware with a stainless steel finish for oak cabinets with granite countertops with silver flecks. If the granite features more bronze and a lighter brown, pick hardware with a high shine finish in one of the colors.

European-style kitchens fit well with either glass or ceramic hardware. For a traditional-style kitchen with natural wood cabinets, polished brass or brushed nickel are a good pick. You can also try an oil-rubbed bronze finish that goes well with brown countertops.

Will Brown Granite Counters Look Good with Brass Hardware?

Brass hardware complements the brown on granite countertops. If your painted cabinets are taupe, black, white, earthy blue, or green, polished brass is a perfect hardware option. Satin brass against your brown counters can give your kitchen a cozy and inviting vibe.

Choosing A Floor That Works with Your Brown Granite Countertop

Countertops are the first aspect you choose before considering cabinets or flooring. You, therefore, need to select the flooring that complements instead of detracting from your ceramic countertops. To achieve this, choose your flooring with granite in mind. Ideally, you can purchase the two materials from one dealer to ensure everything flows well together. Here are a few tips to help you find complementary flooring.

  1. Consider flooring materials: there are numerous options available in the market for kitchen floors, including granite, tiles, natural wood, and linoleum. Brown granite countertops contrast with hardwood or wood-like tiles. Granite tiles come in different styles and materials; hence you get to choose the pattern of your choice and the style that’s comfortable for you to stand on.
  2. Choose a complementary color: for brown and dark-colored granite countertops, choose warmer undertones of white, black, or grey for your floor. If your kitchen receives natural lighting, consider a darker color palette like brown, grey, or black flooring to go with brown countertops.
  3. Avoid too much color and patterns on your flooring to prevent creating a chaotic look in your kitchen. For example, avoid a busy design in shades of blue flooring for a kitchen with light brown counters with grey speckles running through it.

Conclusion: What Color Paint Goes with Brown Granite Countertops

Once you’ve found the granite countertop of your dreams, your next task becomes searching for colors that can complement it without leaving a traditional look in your kitchen. You have several granite types, including tan brown, Baltic brown granite, and chestnut brown granite. After settling for the pattern that matches your style, you should not have difficulties getting color paint that match your taste. White cabinetry is a common choice, but other warmer tones and neutral colors like soft beige, grey, and dark cabinets of blues and black are also a bit cooler.

Backsplashes are a focal point in your kitchen; you should also consider them as they can make or break your kitchen’s look. Choose a color scheme that agrees with the patterns on your countertops. Finally, settle for a floor that meets your style, ensuring the material and color match or complete the look your granite countertops give.

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