What color kitchen cabinets are timeless? [2023]

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What color kitchen cabinets are timeless? We have the answers for you! Let’s start!

what color kitchen cabinets are timeless

Designing your dream kitchen is definitely an exciting process, however, it usually comes with a great cost. That is the exact reason why you want to get it right from the very first time. If you strive to achieve that fabulous and timeless look, perhaps you should consider re-painting your kitchen cabinetry.

Key points of picking timeless colors:

Save money: Designing a kitchen is an exciting but costly process, so it’s important to choose a timeless color for the cabinetry.

White cabinets are a classic and timeless choice that can fit with any design style and reflect light to make the space seem larger.

Gray cabinets are also a popular choice that can complement both warm and cool-toned colors.

Beige cabinets are universal and timeless, and can be combined with various colors and materials.

Natural wood cabinets are a timeless choice that can stand the test of time without advanced maintenance.

Olive Green and Mint Green are timeless and sophisticated colors that can complement various design styles.

It’s important to choose a color for your cabinets that will stand the test of time. Each of the colors we discuss have their own unique benefits, from reflecting light to being easy to clean, and can complement a variety of design styles.

Picking the appropriate color palette can sometimes be tricky. For that reason, we will present you with some of the best colors you can choose when re-painting your dream kitchen.

1. White cabinets (Bright White or Off-White)

what color kitchen cabinets are timeless white

White cabinets are simple, clean, and trendy. The white color has the ability to reflect light, therefore, making your entire kitchen seem naturally bigger and airier.

Another positive aspect of painting your cabinets white is that they will fit with any design you may have in mind. Traditional, shaker, or modern, all kitchens will look fresh with all-white cabinetry. Plus, there are various tones of White you can pick from. From bright white cabinets to off-white, it is really up to your liking.

If you are seeking a classy and peaceful color, White is definitely your best pick.


2. Gray Cabinetry

what color kitchen cabinets are timeless gray

If you enjoy the clean look of the White, however, you wish to add a bit more color to your kitchen cabinets, perhaps, Gray is your best pick. Similar to White, Gray is a light color that naturally reflects light and makes any space look bigger. From iron to charcoal gray, there are so many shades you can pick from.

What’s more, Gray is a beautiful color that can be matched with both warm and cool-toned colors. From dare blue to butter yellow and mild orange, it’s really up to your taste.

Another benefit of using a gray cabinet color is that it does not show dirt in comparison to other colors. Honestly speaking, gray cabinets may be one of the least pretentious and easy to clean out there.

3. Beige Cabinetry

what color kitchen cabinets are timeless beige

Beige is an exceptionally universal and natural color that can work in various rooms, regardless of size, natural light, or interior design. Beige kitchen cabinets are timeless and sophisticated and can be combined with various colors. Moreover, beige goes well with bold colors such as bright blue, orange, or matte black, as well as with natural and warm tones of wood.

Beige can also be combined with various finish materials such as decorative concrete, brick walls, tiles, or stone. In regards to home appliances, beige looks great with both brushed or black metals

4. Natural Wood Cabinetry

what color kitchen cabinets are timeless wood

Natural wood is always in style, and it’s easy to notice why.

It is simple, timeless, and clean, and it can be mixed with various other design styles in order to create an amazing final result. Natural wood is a common choice for many homeowners due to its ability to stand the test of time without advanced maintenance.

Compared to the cheaper wooden options such as chipboard wood, cabinets made of solid wood such as walnut or cherry can repel any damage brought by moisture. With proper care, natural wood can last for many years and still look as classy and timeless as ever.

5. Olive Green Cabinetry

what color kitchen cabinets are timeless green

Olive green is definitely a color you should consider if you plan on re-painting your kitchen cabinets. This shade is sophisticated, timeless, and will never go out of style. Whether you have a more modern design or a classic and traditional kitchen, this color will look stunning and contribute to a peaceful and classy environment.

Combining this shade with dark metal or gold fixtures is a brilliant way to make your kitchen look luxurious and classy.

6. Mint Green Cabinetry

what color kitchen cabinets are timeless mint green

Mint green is one of these amazing shades frequently appearing as a part of bright pastel color palettes. If you want to paint your kitchen cabinets green, however, olive green is not on the top of your list, mint green is an excellent alternative.

Mint green is a mixture of green, blue, and white and perfectly complements any Boho-style accessories, marble countertops, or wooden shelves.

If you are looking for a fresh, timeless, and modern-looking color, mint green will do just fine.

7. Navy-Blue Cabinetry

what color kitchen cabinets are timeless navy blue

Any interior designer will tell you that navy blue cabinets are quite trendy right now, and there are several good reasons for that. Color theory suggests that blue induces tranquil, calming emotions, and designers frequently use it to recreate these feelings. This shade is practical, beautiful, calming, easy to use, and can last for years.

Blue is timeless and classic, especially when combined with gold accents such as doorknobs, lamps, and other kitchen hardware. These two shades compliment each other beautifully, contributing to the stunning and luxurious style of your kitchen.

8. Are Dark Kitchen Cabinets Outdated?

what color kitchen cabinets are timeless dark

Quite the contrary, dark kitchen cabinets are more fashionable now than ever.

There is no doubt that the color of the kitchen cabinets is a prime factor that affects not only the value of the home but the overall ambiance and the general feeling of the space. Dark-colored cabinetry may make the area feel even smaller if you already have a small kitchen. However, if you have a bigger space to work with, painting your kitchen cabinets in a darker color will make your kitchen look classy and sophisticated.

Also, if you have a big family, pets, or simply you are very passionate about cooking, darker tones for your kitchen will be the best choice. The main reason is that dark colors are great for concealing daily wear and undoubtedly will last longer and require less maintenance.

9. Multi-Tone Kitchen Cabinets

what color kitchen cabinets are timeless multitone

You have probably seen various two-tone kitchen ideas while browsing all over the internet when searching for inspiration for your remodeling project. Two-tone cabinets are the perfect solution if you strive to achieve that stunning contemporary look in your house.

Here are some ideas you should consider

Gray & White Kitchen Cabinets: As previously mentioned, White is always a classic kitchen choice, and gray is its perfect addition. This color mix is clean, inviting, and classy.

3 Tone Kitchen: If you are more adventurous, you should absolutely go with the three-tone kitchen idea. Moreover, such an example is a combination of natural wood shelves, a dark gray kitchen island, and off-white cabinets combined with brushed metal kitchen appliances.

Black and White kitchen cabinets: An idea you should definitely consider is a black island with white cabinets. This color combination will contribute to a classic look, especially with gold cabinet knobs and pulls.

10. Trends You Should Avoid

1. Brass Hardware 

Even though brass hardware was trendy back in the days and present in most kitchens, this metal is going out of style. Today, many homeowners prefer brushed nickel, stainless steel, or glass hardware.

2. All White Kitchen

Minimalism is relatively trendy today, however, an all-white kitchen design is not something we currently recommend. Moreover, all-white countertops, kitchen cabinets, and hardware can look a bit cheap and not so exciting. Make sure to keep white as the primary color, however, try combining it with either black or gray elements and kitchen hardware.

3. Granite Countertops

Granite countertops were homeowners’ favorite trend back in the 90s and 2000s, however, they look outdated today. Instead, you can use either quartzite or marble. Even though expensive, it looks relatively clean and attractive and raises the style longevity.

4. Color Painted Walls

Painted walls were a less expensive alternative for stone backsplashes back in the days. Minimalism is becoming more and more popular today, therefore, avoid using bright colors on your walls. White or light gray are quite trendy options, mainly because they can be paired with other neutral colors and because of their ability to make the room look bigger.

11. The Most Timeless Kitchen Cabinet Colors

You may wonder what color kitchen cabinets are timeless? There are specific colors that are widely considered to be timeless, both in the art world, fashion, and interior design. White and black are undoubtedly the two most timeless colors. Nobody can deny the appeal of bright white cabinets cascading across a kitchen; they lighten the entire space and create a spacy and bright atmosphere.

Similarly, black cabinets are also timeless. Despite their modern appearance, they have been a favorite for many years for a good reason. Black represents class, elegance, and sophistication, therefore, if this is what you strive to achieve, black should definitely be on the top of your list.

Beige and wood tones are also rather timeless, of course, depending on their individual shade. Brighter shades represent the 70s while darker the 1990s.

Now you know which colors last for a long time

There are various color options you can go with when planning your kitchen renovation. We have summarized the most popular and trendy colors you can pick, in order to simplify your decision-making process and assure that your kitchen cabinetry will have the most suitable color.

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